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I made it!

So, how this will work, is that I am going to write all that is happening to mom and she is going copy/paste it and post those for me. This is because I have so much to do while I am in school here that my time is so limited. We are going to try and make it work this way. Thanks for sending me and thanks for reading my updates.
We had a message last night on the character and nature of god it was pretty deep. Basically how god had to send Jesus so us dumb humans could actually feel see and touch him... because we failed so many times we just couldn't do it. So he had to send himself in human form to show who he was... also that people pin death and sin on god yet if Jesus was god in the flesh Jesus not once killed a man or sinned.... pretty deep stuff... also how we as dummies choose to sacrifice instead of obey... and gods just up there like I already made the ultimate sacrifice just obey it is much easier..... thought I'd share plus it helps me remember when I write it down... hope you guys have a good day I love you so much!

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