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My notes on Hearing God *Part 2

Why we can hear God’s voice

○ Steward the earth for Adam and Eve

○ Perfect communion

■ Created Adam and Eve to show perfect communion

● Genesis 1:26-30

● 2:16-17

● 3:8, 14-19

■ Intimacy: they recognize His footsteps

● Ademad covenant: dominion over the earth and able to multiply if

they don't eat from the tree

● Covenants & Laws

○ Noah: Genesis 8:20 -9:17

■ Dominion over earth but ability to eat animals. Promise is to not destroy

earth but is responsible for actions

○ Abraham: Genesis 12:1-3;15 17:1-19

■ Sons as stars under leaving his land

○ Moses: Exodus 19;24:1-8; 34:6-8

■ Terms are God will be your God and your His people. Deuteronomy 28-

29 are the blessing of protecting and curses of keeping or breaking the


■ 19:3-6 was the intent to have Israel as going out to teach the world as a

holy nation and priests to teach the world. God’s heart from the beginning

was for all men to know him.

○ David: 2 Samuel 7:12-16

■ Throne will be established forever (Jesus as offspring)

○ Law: Torah: teaching for parenting given in love to strengthen and encourage

Exodus 20-23

■ Galatians 3:17, 19-24 Paul explains what it is

■ Commandment are director or landmark on our journey. To keep the law

is to protect the law and guard our heart.

● Breaking a commandment is walking all over it.

○ What is covenant? How about in marriage?

■ Covenant

● Law and love (Personal and legal)

● Genesis 12:1-3; 15

● Deuteronomy 28-30

● Galatians 3:10-14

● A covenant must be mutual, solid and both parties must agree to

be who they say they will be. If one doesn't then it's abusive.

● All covenants have terms and conditions. Blessings come if you

follow, curses come.

○ God wants to bless us but cannot bless us if we dishonor.

○ Carat berit (covenant): cut open a attended livestock.

● Genesis 15

○ You can't make a covenant without blood being shed. God

told Him to get animals and Abraham knew what to do with

them and cut it.

○ After the blood was shed the covenant was made when

they walk through the animals saying that if broken then

what happened to the animals happen to me if I break it.

Abraham was shocked when God walked through the

animals and not made Abraham do so. Saying if God OR

Abraham broke the covenant then God would happen to

him was they promised.

● The New Covenant

○ Jeremiah 31:31-34

■ Holy Spirit

○ Matthew 26:27-28

■ This cup represents the blood about to be spilled to

fulfill the covenants.

■ 1. I will take you out of slavery

■ 2. I will save you

■ 3. I will redeem you

■ 4. I will take you out of the nation.

○ Hebrews 8-10

■ Explaining the old and new covenant.

● The fulfillment

○ John 18

■ All the soldiers came to arrest everyone (Jesus and


■ When Jesus said “I am” everyone falls to the

ground. He flexed His glory and made sure nobody

else would go.

■ Matthew 27:45-46

● Tied in with Psalms 22. David was

prophesying of Jesus execution on the

cross hundreds of years prior to execution

on the cross to be invented. When Jesus

said why have you forsaken me, Jesus was

fulfilling David's words. By Jesus

referencing scripture He knew what was

going on. He was crying out so we

recognize David was pointing to Him.

● Darkness fell. Darkness is grief, judgement

of God for 3 hours of the mourning and

judgement of God.

● Jesus did all of this so that I may be

restored to the Father.

● It is finished = Jesus fulfilling the Old


● Asking forgiveness cause we don't know

what. We are doing is the start of the new


■ Psalms 22

■ Amos 8:9-10

■ Matthew 27:51

■ John 19:30

○ What has the Holy Spirit done?

■ John 14:15-31

● Help (v.16)

● Bring truth (v.17)

● Dwell in us (v.17)

● Bring life (v.19)

● Teach and bring to remembrance (v.26)

■ John 16:4-15

● Convicts the world of sin, righteousness and


● Guides us into truth

● Declares what is to come

● Glorifies Jesus and brings to us what is the


■ The role of the Holy Spirit is active and in us. We

have become the Holy of Holy’s.

○ Acts 2 was the new covenant coming and the terms

coming (Holy Spirit enabling us to make conversations with


○ Joel 2 prophecy of the Spirit being poured out

○ 1 Corinthians 3:16-17

○ 2 Corinthians 6:16-7:1

○ The temple is the meeting place with God.

○ What does our temple look like? Where is your throne


My notes on Hearing God *Part 3



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