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My notes on Hearing God *Part 3

Hearing God’s Word: Prophetic Acts

● Something physically done that God is saying to do to represent what is happening in

the spiritual.

● 2 Kings 13:14-17

● Ezekiel 4

● Hosea 1:2

○ God had Him marry an adulteress as a prophetic act of God’s marriage to an

adulterous generation

● Acts 21:10-11

● Moses didn't make it to the promise land because He struck the rock twice. Meaning

striking Jesus “the rock” twice.

● God will give us a physical act to break something in the spiritual.

○ When you do things in the physical out of faith, it definitely breaks acts in the


Healing and Deliverance:

● Psalm 107:20

● Matthew 10:1

● Acts 10:37-38

● James 5:15-16

● When you do experience healing, and God’s power like that, continue walking in that.

Blocks that can happen from Hearing God’s Voice

● Sin

○ Need to Repent

● Pain

○ Emotionaly

■ Go back to a memory of a painful event and ask God where He is in the

memory at the time of the emotional painful moment.

○ Physical

● God might be silent on purpose.

○ It's not time

● You might not be asking the right question

● Positioning when approaching God

○ Attitude of your heart and motives

● Distractions

○ Be still and know that I am God

● Spiritual Warfare

○ The enemy comes out to kill, steal and destroy

● Surrounding area

○ Muslim area

● We can be our own block

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