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Praise Update

Hello to everyone! This blog is kind of a praise update! We have been so busy enjoying the blessings that have been flowing through and around us, that we thought it would be important to share! So here are some of this week’s highlights:

SAVE THE DATE: We have two events coming up in March and April!

March 5th– Please join us for “Stories from the Missions Field” at Indian River Presbyterian Church from 6:30-8pm. We will be sharing more of what’s going on here at LCI, we will have worship (by Sam McSweeney, Ryan Carpenter and Kate Ploekelman), we will have local missionaries speaking (some of these include, Merisa Moroz, Cory Sullivan and Zach Perrotti’s), more worship and will end with deserts and coffee! Tons of connection opportunities with local churches and people passionate about local and global missions!

April 29th– Arise Talents Uganda’s Executive Director, Dickson Nabiru Art Auction. Dickson’ art will be available to buy this night only locally at First Presbyterian Church North Palm Beach. These are BIG paintings and are breath taking! There will also be a silent auction as well. All proceeds will go toward the final dollars needed for the van fundraiser! The purchase of this van will be life changing for Dickson and the kids at Arise Talents Uganda! The event starts at 6pm with the silent auction. Live auction begins at 6:45pm

Arise Talents Uganda-This week was very exciting as Dickson drove with a mechanic to Kampala to look for vans. We are getting very close to the end of this fundraiser and we are confident that God will provide all the funds to both purchase the van and allow enough left over for a savings account for maintenance! We are amazed at the outpouring of support for this man. Also, more exciting news is that we have 2 churches that have stepped up to add Arise Talents to their mission support and we are proposing to two more. If you think your church might be interested in joining us, we would love to be in contact. The next goal for this wonderful ministry is land and their own school/housing (currently they rent and their own land would mean, sustainable farming and agriculture). This fundraiser is still in need of $5000 of the $20,000! They are VERY close!

Word and Deed– Word and Deed Ministry, who is teaming up with The Gregory School of Pharmacy at PBA are off and running on their fundraiser. They are looking to raise $5000 to help offset costs of the trip. While there, they will be giving healthcare to the many Ugandans that go without. Their focus is children, women, widows and elderly. Continue to watch the website for updates on this ministry as they prepare to go. They may begin posting in their blog soon, so be on the lookout! They are still in need of $5000

Charlie VanMeter– Charlie is in week 6 at YWAM Biarritz, France. He has been fully engaged in the discipleship training portion of his trip. They have had speakers come in to discuss many different topics and his brain is about to explode from all the amazing information he is learning. It’s kinda like drinking from a fire hose they say! Lots of information! Next up: Outreach, if he raises the money to stay. They will go to Serbia, Albania and Romania. Charlie currently still needs $2000 of the $6000.

Merisa Moroz– Merisa has been accepted to YWAM Tyler Texas where she will learn about evangelism to Americans. Merisa is currently a student at Indian River State College where she is in the teaching program. Merisa is active in college ministry at Indian River Presbyterian church and is always available for speaking engagements. Contact if interested in having her speak at one of your organizations/groups/bible studies. Merisa is $1025 into the $8000 goal she has set.

Robyn Wallman– Last year, if you followed, Robyn went to Jinja, Uganda to stay at Amani Baby Cottage and help out. She also went to Arise Talents and met Dickson and the kids. She brought back with her a deep love and understanding for orphans and struggling nations. This summer, she would like to join Sunlight Church on their mission trip to Peru. There, they will build homes, fix, help, love and care for the people of Peru. Where you aware that in Lima alone, out of 10 million people, 7 million live in the slums?  Please join us in sending Robyn on this very unique opportunity to educate herself on the people of this part of the world. We are praying that Robyn will share her stories upon her return! Robyn has currently raised $200 of the $1500 needed for the trip!

Wayne and Ketura Snow– The Snow family has completed their adoption of Ellie and have returned home to Haiti! They cannot be happier! Let’s take a moment to praise God and give him the glory for this beautiful family.

Bailey Drake– Bailey is our newest addition and we have just started the fundraising process with her. She plans to attend YWAM School of Worship in New Zealand next January. You will be hearing more from her as the year progresses and her fundraiser gets serious!!! For those that gave to send college kids to the Passion conference in January, thank you! This is often where God reveals his plan to students and they make choices to go into the world and make disciples, whether near or far. Your engagement and support is at work! Bailey has $9900 to go to reach her goal. She has until January 2018.

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