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It’s not hard.

It’s not hard.

So I spent awhile on the phone with Charlie yesterday talking about some personal growth items and then I was blessed with an amazing story that he shared about a day last week. I am writing for him so that this stuff does not get missed. As he told me the story last night, we agreed I would take notes and write for him this day as his hours are totally filled. I am happy and excited to do it.

Last Friday Charlie had an opportunity to go do some evangelizing in a local park. Sounds very cliche, but I am at a loss for a less “stereotypical” way of saying, “he shared the Gospel”. As he walked over to a park bench, he greeted a man with a common questions of “English?” meaning, “Do you speak English?” The man said yes, and Charlie sat down. Within a few moments of meeting, Charlie asked if he could pray for guy. Right away, with a smart a$$ tone, the man said, “yeah…tell God I want an abundance of wealth and to live forever”. Ha! For most of us, that would have been our cue to get up and leave. Charlie went straight into the prayer asking God to bring blessing on this man, bringing him a wealth of love and peace and then asking that he would accept Christ as his savior so that he would have salvation and ultimately live with God forever in heaven. Apparently, this got the man’s attention because they ended up spending six hours together that day.

From there, they talked quite awhile at the park until the man said he needed to head out for lunch, but after Charlie prayed a final prayer with him, he asked Charlie if he’d come have lunch with him. Charlie accepted and they went to a local restaurant to talk some more. Charlie told me they went very deep, they talked about creation, the man’s life, his mother and father and many other things that surfaced for this guy. Charlie talked to him about the lies of the enemy and how they have worked in this man’s life. He said that every time the conversation looked to have closure, the man would order more food. Charlie had a meal, then dessert and then said the guy ordered like seven cups of coffee so as to keep the conversation going.

Before they parted, they agreed to meet again this week, Charlie asked the man to read the book of James and to come to the YWAM base worship on Wednesday. They exchanged phone numbers and emails and the guy said he thinks he wants to give his life to Jesus. At this point, I am sitting here in total affirmation of The Lord’s call for Charlie. Charlie, in obedience, shared the GOOD NEWS of Jesus with a man in a park and now this man’s life could be forever changed. A detail that may or may not matter is that this man was a lawyer for London’s healthcare system.

Charlie’s last words to me before we hung up, were, “it’s not that hard mom”. Once we are convicted of His love for us, we just talk and share our story of salvation and offer the same to others. That is easy. In the end, Charlie wanted to pay for the meal and the man insisted that he cover it. He wanted to at least pay for his own lunch so there was no assumption that he was trying to get a free meal. They went round and round and the man ultimately jumped up and paid the waitress so Charlie could not pay the bill. Charlie said while he did that, he slipped some euros into his bag to cover his meal. In reference to the free meal comment, you should know that at the time, Charlie had dreads in his hair and had shaved part of his eyebrow off because of some fun they were having at base. Just so many details that may or may not matter, but help set the scene to how this story took place.

I will try to update when I know more…for now, please pray for Charlie, the YWAM base in Biarritz and the lawyer from London. Lord, take these hands and feet and use them for your glory. Amen.

  1. I feel so full knowing where Charlie began and where he is now. I am so proud to know him. God is doing great things thru Charlie. Much love ❤️ Lisa

  2. Tissue pleases, seriously.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to share this story! This is what makes Love’s Calling so important!

  4. Charlie is showing great leadership skills. Each act he makes on the Lord’s behalf will have a ripple effect impact. Keep it up Charlie!

  5. You are off and running on a fantastic journey. We are very proud of you and the direction your life has taken.

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