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She’s Got Some Anger

She's Got Some Anger

So a year and about 2 weeks ago, I was attacked walking home in Mexico. (If you missed that blog, it's titled "Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen).

This week, I have started a self-defense class. Holy Cow. It is therapeutic. It is surfacing a lot of emotions and feelings that I thought I had gotten past. But it is also giving me a new confidence in myself that I had lost a year ago.

The attack stole my confidence, my strength, and my security. It made me mad at God and question His character.

But also,

The attack made me grow stronger, rely on God, and discover God in a whole new light. I had to seek God in it and as it is written in Jeremiah 29:13 "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.". I definitely found Him!

Now that I am taking this self-defense class, I am seeing it as God providing me with it. He knew that I wasn't completely over my attack, and it might take even some more time to be, but he provided this class to help me in a more mental way after working on my spirit.

As I was doing the moves, all the instructors commented, "Wow, she's got some anger! Good job." and with every kick and punch, I felt my confidence come back. It is not my strength alone, it is all God! God is giving my the strength to kick and punch. I don't know how to word it correctly, but I am not taking the glory away from God. I do find my strength in Him and I see His strength in me with every kick and punch.

My whole take away from this is that God provides more than just spiritually but in every need that we have, whether we know that we have a need or not. God knows you. He knows your heart, He knows your weaknesses, He knows everything without you having to tell Him because He is just that great.

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