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It’s not about moving block

Over Spring Break, I had the privilege to be a part of a group of fourteen who traveled to Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico to serve at the “Camino, Verdad Y Vida” (The Way, Truth and Life). A good-sized church plant that Indian River Presbyterian Church has been sending teams too since at least 2008. Today, the church is much larger, with approximately 100 active members and a much larger gathering hall.

While there, the team worked together to add a roof onto a new kitchen that is connected to the
larger gathering hall. We also laid block to raise walls around two new rooms, one which will be the pastor’s office, and the other that will serve as a class room.

It’s not all about moving block or mixing concrete, and honestly I can tell you that was probably the least exciting stuff we did!

Here is the best part! The team had a wonderful experience evangelizing alongside members of the local church! Together with the church members, we engage in a door to door Bible ministry that our congregation supported with funding the purchase of hundreds of Spanish language Bibles!

Starting on Sunday night, we gathered at the corners of the block around the church and prayed over the neighborhood. We prayed for the community, for the households, and for an openness of the people to receive the gift of a bible. We prayed for an openness in sharing concerns with us and to let us pray for them.

Over the next four nights we split into multiple teams of four to six people and went door to door through the neighborhoods. We would lightly tap on gates and say “buenas noches” as the residents would come to their door or peek thru an open window. Then a member of the church in Spanish would say something like “We are from the church down the street, our American friends would like to give you a Bible.” After that the conversation would move to asking the names of the family members and if they had anything we could pray for, and always include information about the church and its services. We would then gather and pray. It was a very Spirit filled and moving experience.

I would like to send a special Thank You to everyone who supported this trip, those who purchased our t-shirts, and those who directly providing financial support. Thank You for your prayers and encouragement. Our time in Mérida was brief, but the fellowship we experienced and the memories we created are a blessing that will last a life time.

Ted Moroz

  1. Loving experience with you!!!
    I hope we could keep working together…. now in prayers and as soon as God decides… in the same place again

  2. God is so good! He is moving among the nations drawing us closer together as his people!! I love the heart of those at Indian River Pres!!! Great Blog Ted!!! Thanks for taking the time to share and step out of your comfort zone!!!

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