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You Fascinate Me

You Fascinate Me


I never really understood the depth of the meaning of these next 3 days. Jesus going to the cross, dying on the cross, and defeating death on the cross; or as the world sees it as Easter, when the bunny with chocolate eggs comes.

Now that Jesus is real to me and I have a relationship with Him, this is such a different "holiday" for me. This is beautiful. This is love. This is the Gospel. It's what makes Christianity not like other religions.

Our God wasn't defeated by death, Our God defeated death.

Our Savior came into the world, walked with us, talked with us, ate with us, and then died the death meant for us. We were suppose to be on that cross. Jesus died a humiliating, painful, horrible death on the cross because He loves us. He took our place so that we may be with Him for eternity. His death brought us life. He died for us, while we were still sinners. He died for everyone knowing that even some would turn their heads and say, "No thanks, Jesus isn't really my thing".  But He also died knowing that some would say yes and live their lives devoted to Him. We do not, by any means, deserve His love, but that is grace. Freely given grace to everyone. He poured out His love onto us. His kind of love is relentless, unconditional, and pure. His love takes us as we are but doesn't leave us as we were. His love changes us. His love was shown on the way to the cross, on the cross, and after the cross. His last word on the cross was "tetelestai" translated from Greek is "it is finished" / "fully paid". He finished death. He paid our debt. We are now able to live free from guilt and shame of sin because He covers us in His blood. He covers us in His love. His cross shows His forgiveness of us. We nailed our sin to the cross and Jesus overcame it.

You fascinate me, Jesus. You are the Creator yet you came to save your creation that turned its back on you. Thank you, God, for your relentless love that chases after us. You never leave us, and you never let us down. You are good. Thank you for what you did on the cross. You died in my place so that I can be with you forever. You died for me while I was still sinning, yet you take me as I am. But you didn't leave me as I was. Your love transformed my heart. I pray I never lose my wonder and awe of your cross.




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