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Prayer with a punch!

Recently God has been doing a big work in me. I can always tell when it’s coming because things get real quiet for a moment and then it’s like drinking from a firehose! I began about a month ago by praying a simple prayer. It roughly goes like this…”Lord, you are mighty. You are maker of heaven and earth. You carry the answers to my questions and the peace to my burdens. I am in awe of your ways. They are so much higher than mine. Lord empty me of myself, help me to see with your eyes. I am yours to use Lord. Show me where to love, where to be your hands and feet. I am sorry Lord that I fall short, that I continue to put myself and my emotions first. Help me to seek you and in that, seek your grace and mercy. Lord I submit my life to you. In Jesus name.”

After praying a similar prayer daily before the day started and then spending a significant time in his word, I begin to really feel receptive (if that makes sense). Another thing that happened was kind of silly, but actually really powerful. One of our college ministry students shared a YouTube of this pastor that she was really moved by. If I am honest, I thought he was a bit radical and crazy looking, but truth is truth and God (if we are open) allows us to see/hear what we need to.

So the truth I pulled from this crazy guy was that when we pray, we need to stop praying timid prayers. For example: “Lord, I ask that  you will give me the strength to get through this week. It’s going to be crazy and my daughter is struggling with choices and my husband and I are fighting. Thank you Lord. Amen” We timidly pray or ask each other to pray for us in passing and while that’s ok…check this out. “Father God, You promised in Your Word that “I can seek You and find You when I search for You with all my heart.” Jer 29:13 So Lord, I now cry out to You with a WHOLE heart, and I ask you to hear my prayer and give me the answers I seek. Lord, the enemy is trying to steal my joy. He is stealing through time, through fear and through argument with my husband. Lord, I need your strength to trust that You will give me the spirit of strength, not weakness, of hope, not fear. Love casts out all fear and You are love. I believe Lord that you will do this in the name of Jesus.” Amen.

There is power in prayer. As a mom that has been on her knees many a time, it gives me power and hope to pray with intensity…especially when something really scary is going on. Bringing a believing prayer to The Lord has been so transformational for me. I have been able to see things differently. I can see when the thief is coming to attack and it almost becomes laughable at how easily entangled I am. God has given me vision to see my own patterns of disbelief and it has been very eye opening.

We serve an awesome God. A God of love. A God of justice and mercy. A God that loves each of us so delicately detailed and ferociously furious! He is so wonderful, so powerful. I hope that today as you face whatever you face, you will REMEMBER whose you are!!! I will include the link I sent to my son this week from The Lion King. We’ve been watching it recently with the little grands and I thought this clip was a good example of the need to remember who we are in Christ…”Simba, you have forgotten who you are…”

Blessings this wonderful and opportunistic Friday,


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