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Where did the time go?

I have been watching my countdown app start at 90 days and now it’s down to 5 days… I’m freaking out! I have a ticket for Tyler, Texas this Friday at 8 AM. The time has just flown by.

These past 6 weeks haven’t been the best. I haven’t been committed to the Lord as I should have been. But even in our weakness and shortcomings, God is still good and still in control.

Last Friday was Zumba. I had so many event pages for it and had invited so many people. Many of those people even said they would come. When the day came and it was time to dance our butts off for the Lord, I only knew about 8 people total. The rest of the people were friends and supporters of the lady in charge of Zumba and who has a heart for the Lord. All of her supporters came from all over Florida. One person even drove down from Miami! There had to be about 80 people there that I did not know! And the craziest thing, is that they had all come to support me. They all made the choice to come pay 10$ for a Zumba session that was solely based on helping send me to YWAM Tyler, Texas for mission work for God. That night, a total of $970 came in.

I was so speechless on my way home after that night. I was in my car just thinking, “Wow, I don’t deserve this.”. I’m sweetly reminded of God’s goodness, and his character before I head out for 5 months of mission for him.

He is a God of grace and of love. He loves to spoil his children even when they don’t think they deserve it. He is also a God that is in control even when we see things as disappointments. He used 80 strangers to show me that He’s got this. That He is in charge. I’m still in shock.

God is a good God and I cannot wait to see what else he wants to reveal and remind me in this next adventure with Him at YWAM.

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