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My Life’s Mission

This week was about finances and learning how to properly and biblically fundraise. Part of that was creating/discovering your personal life’s mission statement to help your supporters better understand what exactly you are doing and what they are partnering in supporting.

My life’s mission is to bring light, embrace, and inspire hope in people that have let their circumstances overtake them.

Creating this seemed so easy for me. I feel like it’s what’s written on my heart. My goal to become an Educator is because I want to reach kids, before they are able to drop out of high-school, and give them the inspiration that they can do whatever it is that they want. That they don’t have to let their home lifestyle determine where they end up. That their circumstances don’t define who they become. I want them to believe in themselves and know that they are capable of success.

In my last blog I wrote that I was struggling with fear and hesitation with God because of my memories of the attack… well funny enough, after I created my mission statement I had an “Ah ha!” moment. I was letting the circumstance of the attack overtake me. I had not been living up to how I was trying to help others! Now that I have come to that realization, I can honestly say that I have just an overall different feeling with being here. It’s not like there is a wall up anymore. I spoke to a friend about it and they reminded me, “God kept you safe… don’t let the fear of what could have happened keep you blind of what God actually allowed happen… He allowed you to be pushed out of your comfort zone and grow in him. How you react to this is your choice, you can either turn away from God or draw closer to him. This is a choice that God is allowing you have to make”. Well I’m choosing to remind myself daily that God is good. That the attack happened, not because God wanted it too but because God knew that it would challenge me and strengthen me. I’m reminding myself daily that God is always with me and he never left me. He doesn’t take me somewhere to just leave me there.

Another thing, being here I’ve noticed that I have been closed-minded. Here are some examples: I was upset that God brought me to Texas because I have never been so bored before, I was creating a negative mindset to my classmates because they had just did their Discipleship Training School (DTS) together so I knew that they would have this tight bond, and I was upset that I had breakfast duty because that meant that I didn’t get to sleep in and I had already made up in my mind that I would just skip breakfast to get more sleep. I have come to learn that God knows me way better than I know myself. Breakfast duty has been the highlight of every day. I love who I am working with in the morning! It’s this sweet lady Sandra and she is so funny! I’m connecting really well with everyone in the school, yeah there are times that its noticeable that they all just did DTS together but for the most part its really awesome. Being in Texas isn’t all that bad. I’m learning to embrace the quietness and slowness of life here. I have the opportunity to just relax in my hammock and look out at the lake behind my dorm. It’s really beautiful here. There’s also a running/walking loop and it’s just as beautiful. I’m happy and content here.

It has only been 2 weeks and I’m already getting worked on and growing. I have 18 more weeks and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for this time away with Him.

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