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Hi my beautiful friends! Just want to update everyone on all that’s going on on this side of the earth. We just completed week two of lecture phase yesterday. Week one was on hearing Gods voice which was an awesome topic with an awesome speaker. At first, I was kind of like ‘oh man this is going to be so repetitive’, but once I got out of myself and humbled myself to the point where I could receive, I got some great revelation. I am so excited to grow in hearing His voice much clearer and working through things that will make this easier. For example: holding onto unforgiveness can hinder hearing His voice so working on more forgiveness (yay) will open more doors and make hearing His voice that much clearer. Week two was on the character and nature of God. This was a very big topic for me. Certain things which I believed I had worked through He showed me I still have much more to learn in that area. His nature and character is so exciting because He is just so diverse and unique, and we can always learn so much more about Him. I have gotten so excited to grow in this and such a desire to learn more about Him, especially through His word. The other day I was reading the first few chapters of Genesis and (it kind of seems a lot of people have seen this, but I very clearly missed it) I noticed that even after Adam and Eve ate the fruit, after they brought sin to all of mankind, God still made them clothes. Like talk about some serious grace. Like you’re naked, and then you spit on me break my heart and then I take the clothes off my own back and give them to you. That shows His character in amazing ways. Such love, such grace!
Besides the teachings and revelations, I have met some amazing people. I have been blessed with a room of 24 ladies, and they are so friendly. My staff is absolutely wonderful, and my DTS is made up of 42 altogether, which actually seems quite large, especially into comparison of other ones that have about 12. We have five other DTS’ running at Perth base as well as other ministries and (I think) approximately 500 people at our base. Which I didn’t think I would like so much, because I typically enjoy smaller groups, but I have been loving getting to know so many people from all the different parts of this base, from staff to other students, to women working in other ministries, to the different speakers. We also have people here from 29 different nations which has been so cool!
Financially I am doing very well, just have my plane ticket back money to get which is approximately $1,100, everything else seems as though I have it! Which to me is just so exciting and I really want to say thank you to everyone who has supported this trip, financially and through prayer…both mean so much! Anyways that about all I have to share at this point!
Love you, Schy

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