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In absolute awe

Intercession- standing in the gap- being a part of what God wants to do in someone else or some other situation- knowing it’s not by my power but by His authority given us to exercise.
This week has been incredible. From watching people get healed- to experiencing intercession in amazing new ways to just getting so much more passionate about prayer and getting a better understand of why it is so necessary in the Christian walk.
On another note how important worshipping in spirit and in truth is and what does actually mean…My new definition? Worship- surrender- loving those around me-dancing-singing-rejoicing-clapping-actively expressing my love and devotion and thankfulness towards God not just in the set 4 songs during church or meeting but in daily life. Not standing by idly but pouring out everything that is within me- all to Him. The only one who deserves it. Not looking inwardly but to God with all my praise.
For anyone who knows me- they know I do not dance. I just do not do it. I have no rhythm- and honestly it’s just awkward. I don’t know what to do with my arms. Like really.. where do I put them and what do I do? Same with my feet. I get tired of jumping real quick but people always move them around and it looks so cool. I don’t know..dancing- just not my thing. But let me tell y’all… I danced this week. I did. It happened. I bet I looked silly as all get out but I didn’t care I was dancing for the Lord. I was getting so excited about Him that I couldn’t help but jump up and down throw my arms around and shout at the top of my lungs. It has been amazing to go deeper with God this week. I am so excited to learn more and exercise it as we continue on this walk.

We all prayed about what team to go on for outreach and I feel as if I heard to go to one of the teams just staying in Manila which I did end up getting placed on so I am quite excited about that. I am in an awesome group with an awesome leader. Still have a couple months but happy it’s in place.
Just thought I’d catch y’all up on what’s going on on this side. Love you blessed.

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