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Outreach Update!

As some know, my heart going into this YWAM school was to be able to share and express my faith to my own country. I am so excited to share that my outreach will be here in the states! My team and I will be traveling through New England for 8 weeks. We will be partnering with local churches and YWAM bases, as well as spending time on different college campuses.

I am so excited for this! God has been giving me this new sense of confidence with my faith. The best I can explain it is this way: Before, I felt like I had the experience but no knowledge of how to share that experience and get my point across. Now, I have the confidence to share my faith and experiences of God as well as trusting him in the moments to provide the words to say.

One evening in our outreach prayer time, my school leader got a word for me that when we go out to these different campuses that I will be like a ball of fire, bringing light to so many people. And it’s super cool because before he shared that, I had the image of a fire in my head! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for not only me, but my team and

all of the people that we meet!

These pictures are of my outreach. The first picture is our road trip out to New England and the second is of our road trip home. We will be stopping at all those white dots on the map! I’m really looking forward to this new adventure in 6 weeks!!!!

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