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My proposal of support

My proposal of partnership

My name is Charlie VanMeter. I am 21 years old and have recently returned from Biarritz, France where I attended their Footballers Discipleship Training School. Ever since I got back, God has placed it on my heart to return to missions. Throughout the last few months, God has been speaking to me about this. I am hearing loud and clear that the next steps He wants me to take to fulfill this call is to return to the necessary training in Perth, Australia, and then continue on to join staff at YWAM.

I was recommended to the Perth, Australia base as it has a huge influence on the YWAM Biarritz base and much of my teachings came from this location. I am looking forward to studying under these very gifted teachers at this location. They had such a profound impact on my understanding of the scriptures that I am hungry to learn more from them and the others at Perth. Even though it feels financially impossible, God has placed it on my heart that this is where He wants me and that is why I am acting in obedience and trusting that if this is what He wants, He’ll get me there. As of August 7, 2017, I was accepted into the school.


My needs will include both financial and prayer partnership. I will not be able to do this on my own and I am asking that you step into this journey with me as I face things unknown with faith and perseverance. I am very grateful for the churches that have had a hand in raising me up in faith (First Presbyterian Church, Grand Junction, Colorado and Indian River Presbyterian Church) and for my newly adopted church, First Presbyterian Church North Palm Beach, Florida. I am confident that it is through the many people in my life that poured into me, that God used them as vessels to bring me to this place.

The details are as follows and I will include the financial breakdown on an attached paper.
The first part of my journey is training this October in Perth, Australia. It will start October 1st and end March 18th of 2018. Here I will receive the training needed to move onto the next step with YWAM which is a STAFF position. Not only does YWAM equip its students with biblical and spiritual foundations, but then they send us out to apply it. Throughout the first 3 months, the training will include these topics: Hearing God’s Voice, Nature and Character of God, Repentance and Forgiveness, Intercession and Worship, Making Jesus Lord (Lordship), Relationships, Fear of The Lord, Living in Spiritual Authority, Father Heart of God, Missions and Sports and Evangelism. The second 3 months, is outreach. This is where as a team, we go into the world and apply all understanding of the Gospel. The location is unknown now, but will be determined through the prayer of our team.

The second part of my journey is, God willing, I join STAFF at the YWAM Biarritz, France location. I will come home for a short furlough in mid-March 2018 and prepare for my 2- year commitment there. This is what I am most getting vision about. Out of a large team at our DTS in France, a hand full of us are coming back after training to staff. We have met several times and have discovered similar visions for the YWAM Biarritz base. Some of these brothers and sisters in Christ have already began their next step toward this vision and some of us are still in the process of building our support.

I have a good support team in place, which is a blessing, but I will need more if I am to make this a longer-term commitment. My parents are and have been both financial and spiritual supporters, along with my brother and sister and their spouses. The challenge in my immediate family is that we are all heavily involved in ministry. My aunt is an ordained Presbyterian pastor, my mom and step-dad run a local non-profit ministry, my cousin and her husband are currently at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and my sister, brother and other family members all invest in these ministries with monthly commitments of support. Our friends are similarly invested. I believe God is asking me to seek outside support as well as family and friends on my journey.

I thank you for your time investment in reading this and I ask that you pray and ask God if this is an investment He wants you to make. If you hear back from Him a yes, I look forward to further conversations!


*I am always available to meet up and talk about what God has done in my life and what I see Him doing now. My number is 970-261-7107. Hit me up.

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  1. Charlie, Thanks for meeting with the IRPC Missions and Outreach team last night. We are very excited to see how God is at work in and through you and we are honored to support His plans and your obedience! We will be praying for your protection, for God to soften the hearts of those you will be in contact with during your outreach and to bless your overall experience.

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