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Undeserved Favor

Merisa and her Papa!

So this past weekend, my friends and I decided to skip town and head to Missouri to see my Papa! The way there had some unexpected bumps but God really touched my heart through it.

I was driving on a backroad in Oklahoma and it was around 9 at night. I have never been to Oklahoma before so I didn’t know that back roads will just lead right into towns out of no where! I was doing the speed limit, which was 65, but then it dropped down to 35 suddenly and I didn’t notice until the red and blue lights were flashing behind me.

I pulled over to the side, took out my license, and thought “This can’t really be happening…”. The office comes over, takes my license, ask where we are from and where we are heading. I explain to him our story that we are from Tyler, Texas trying to get to Independence, Missouri for the weekend. He walks back to his car and took way too long for it to not be a ticket. I started crying because this is not something that I could afford, nor did I have a way to take a class to remove the points on my license.

The officer walks back, sees that I’m crying and in a sincere voice asks “Are you okay?” And I told him yes that it was nothing. He then helps us find the registration for the vehicle we were driving. Once found and looked over, he asked me to step outside the car…

My initial thought was “I’m going to jail. I was going too fast. Oh my gosh!”

My heart dropped. My initial thought was “I’m going to jail. I was going too fast. Oh my gosh!” Meanwhile, my friends were praying and freaking out as well!

He walked me to the front of his car to stay in the light and asks in a concerned voice again, “Hey, what’s really the matter?” And so I poured out everything, “I really can’t afford this. I didn’t know the speed limit had changed so suddenly, I’m really sorry. I have never been to Oklahoma before. I’m from Florida but living in Texas at the moment for a school with the Christian organization, Youth With A Mission.”. He explained that he had never heard of YWAM before and wanted to know more, so I told him what it was all about. After, he asked me to step inside his car…

My heart dropped yet again. I really thought this was it for me. I sat in the car, left the door open because I was terrified. He told me to close the door though. So I’m huddled up next to the door, super scared, still crying. He then explained that he brought me into the car so that he can share a story about the last person that was speeding in this town that we were in and how it was the most tramatic experience of his life. He said he had to scrape her body off the road and she was only 19. He said that he didn’t want that to happen to me and that I really need to pay more attention to the road signs. I agreed with him and said that I have definitely learned a life lesson from this. He showed me the ticket that he had written up for me, and said “Look, I really can’t give this to you. You’re a really sweet girl and I know that I’m human, I make mistakes, so I can’t hold this mistake against you. Just promise me you’ll pay more attention. I don’t want a sweet girl like you losing your life because you didn’t follow the speed limit.”

At this point, my eyes are flood gates. I couldn’t make out a thank you, but he knew I was grateful. We shook hands and I walked back to the car.

The girls were freaking out asking what happened, and all I could say was “I just experienced God’s grace on my life in a way I never have before.”

I had come to the conclusion that I’m not the person that gets away with things. Like the first time I ever got a ticket, I got a ticket and not a warning. So this being the second time getting pulled over really crushed me because I was not expecting to have my ticket voided.

But that’s the thing about God’s grace.

We don’t deserve God’s favor on our life. We turned on backs on Him as His children but He sent His Son for us instead of abandoning us like we did to Him.

And not only that, but I am not the perfect Christian. I fail God constantly. Yet, every time, He shows me love, grace, and forgiveness. And not only does He show me those things, but His view of me doesn’t change. He doesn’t see me as a failure, He sees me as His daughter that He loves.

This experience with the officer really just put into perspective who God is. He cares for us, and when we mess up, He gentle teaches us lessons in love, and then gives grace and forgiveness.

After the grace from the officer, I stayed the speed limit and was more aware of the road signs. Not out of fear of being pulled over again, but because of the grace I was shown.

That’s how I need to live my life. Not out of fear of punishment from God, but out of the grace He shows me daily.

Grace should draw us into a love-relationship with God.

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