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Eastcoast Bound

At the butt-crack of dawn, 5 AM, my team set out on the road for the Eastcoast. Our journey begins in Durham, North Carolina and will end in Cincinnati, Ohio. We will be traveling in a 15-passenger van with a trailer attached with all our stuff.

Along the way, we will be doing a worldview survey at different college campuses to get people thinking about what they believe. We will be working with church in their different ministries, as well as, working with New York Relief to feed the homeless on the streets.

But what’s really cool is that this whole school was pretty much one big history class. Going back to the Mayflower Compact and really learning about what our nation was founded on, which was Biblical Principles. So now only will we be doing ministy on outreach, we will be siteseeing, going to historic places and museums.

Some have wondered what I’ll be doing on my birthday. We will be going to Jamestown, Virginia to see the first settlement established here in America!

I’m super stoked to see the history I just learned about and to share the love of God everywhere we go!

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