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Off to Outreach

Well, today is the day 10:00 tonight (10 am Saturday for ya’ll) we head out! Its been a challenging, stretching, growing, healing, all together amazing past three months here in Perth, Australia.  I have learned quite a bit- yes, but a lot of the knowledge that I already had and have learned here has sunk from my head to my heart.   Revelation after revelation- I have gotten so much out of the past three months, but if I were to pick one thing that was super significant- it would be that I have become secure in who I am.  I came here not dancing in front of anyone (not even by myself), not really wanting to sing in front of anyone, feeling awkward more often then not, and not feeling confident when I spoke, but I can honestly say, most of that has been transformed.  Though I still don’t enjoy dancing I have danced in front of many people, I walk through the streets and halls singing, I talk with people now without feeling awkward and I have learned how to relate to people my own age (which is so cool- iv been missing out), and I can share now without fear of what anyone will say or think.  This has only been possible by laying down  others and my own opinion of myself and hearing the truth of who God says I am.
I am very excited as we pack up and head out.  We are going to be staying in the region of Pasay, Philippines.  I should have internet and will keep ya’ll updated!
Much love, Schy

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