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It wasn’t the base…

It was the people.

God didn’t call me to YWAM Tyler because he thought I would enjoy the base. He didn’t send me there because he knew I wouldn’t like it.

He sent me there because he knew the hearts that were already there and he knew that those hearts were what I needed I my life.

He called me to YWAM Tyler for the people.

I have made some pretty awesome friends that have stood by my side, fought for me in their prayers, and encouraged me when I’m at my lowest. My friend’s mom has been a mom to me when I needed my mom.

There has been some unexpected things that popped up and if it weren’t for these amazing people that God brought into my life, I don’t know if I would have persevered in Texas.

At the moment, I am a tad bit homesick and just want my mom.  So if you feel that you want to send me a Facebook message or a comment on here of just words of encouragement and prayers, I would greatly appreciate it.

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