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Outreach update

Update: 6 days down in Pasay, Manila. I’ve never experienced another culture other than my own- and I feel so humbled experiencing this one. The people here are so beautiful, so kind, so open and so joyful. I love getting to sit and hear people’s stories, getting to pray with many, play with children and watching people get saved. Jesus is guiding every one of our steps and given us so many divine appointments. Thank you for all those who’ve been praying and please continue to pray for my wonderful team as we continue to go out into this city. ——————————————–‘Yet I am confident I will see the LORD’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.’ Psalm 27:13

Food for thought:

So grateful for everything God has done in my life. I am in absolute amazement every single day of His goodness and His grace. So many of you saw me before I was confronted with truth and got the privilege of getting to know Jesus, and you saw the absolute destruction and mess I made of my life, but let me tell y’all- the transforming power of Jesus is undeniable. More peace, joy and hope I feel now then I have ever have felt in my entire life. I love having purpose. I love being able to live for someone other then myself. To live for someone worthy of it. It kind of amazes me that people followed me and liked my posts when their was men, drugs or alcohol involved. (No longer on here) Things that bring temporary relief and pleasure. But not very much of anything other then getting unfollowed when it’s about the only one who brings true life. #interesting #realtalk

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