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“We have no money, but we are happy people”

Wow, what an incredible week it has been! I have never experienced another culture then my own, so coming to Asia has been quite the adjustment. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with not knowing what to do. Learning how to cross the street without crosswalks and without getting hit by a car, to different foods, to language barriers,  to children all over begging for money or food, to babies being left outside stores while the parent or person taking care of them shops or does business somewhere else, and more. I have fallen in love with the Filipino people. So kind, so open, so joyful.

We were on evangelism one day and I was able to speak to individuals as well as groups of people which was absolutely amazing. That day my partner and I saw 24 people get saved and all together my whole team saw 50 people saved. From evangelism, to prayer walking, to reading the Bible and proclaiming Gods word on the street-in one week my team of seven was Gods hands and feet in 56 salvations, 167 people prayed for, and 74 gospel messages shared.  We have gotten the privilege to have dinner with the president of a school, to speak to crowds of people and share the good news, invited into homes for coffee or just to see where they live, to pick up trash on people’s streets and so much more.

At first the adjustment was crazy hard but I can now say that this is such a privilege to be here and serve these people. As we were eating dinner with some men tonight, one of them said “We have no money, but we are happy people” and it is so amazing to see the joy that comes out of Filipino people. They don’t find their joy in materials, but in God and in relationship with other people.

Thank you for all those praying for my team and I. Please continue to pray for us as we continue here. Prayer for strength and energy, protection, continued unity in the team, and whatever the Holy Spirit prompts you to. Thank you!

Much love,

  1. This is transformation on so many levels. I am transformed as I read about lives being transformed – by transformed lives – to name just a few! This is clear evidence of God’s hand working in all of us as senders and the sent.

  2. Thank you for sharing your pics, story and your beautiful heart. You and your team are being covered in prayer!! Such a great reminder that true JOY comes from our Lord and Savior. Keep sharing and keep up the great work Schlyer!!

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