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Journey in Pasay, Philippines

I have been in Pasay, Metro Manila for a little over two weeks now. Although Perth, Australia (where I started) is the farthest place in the world away from where I come from- and the most isolated city in the world- I never felt far away from home, probably because it was so similar to America.  But being in Asia has been a little different feeling for me.  At first it was quite the shock.  This is the first time I have ever experienced another culture and the first time I’ve felt so out of place.  But after about a week, things settled and besides the skin color that makes me stand out like a sore thumb, I have been able to make this ‘home’. I cross the street now without the fear of getting run over, eating their amazing food without questioning it, and have made some great friends.  I love this city and feel very honored to be here.

One day we were prayer walking around Pasay, and we see this alley way and we decide to walk through it.  (The roosters are used for cock-fighting…this is a common thing here)

 We got to meet a few women who were in this ‘program’ and are being sent to Saudi Arabia for work because they cant find any here.  We were able to talk, and pray with them.  This is definitely an area that we will come back and pray more into.


This was also from a prayer walk, that as we were walking we met two women (in picture) outside this home washing clothes.  I stopped and began talking with them and Mia (my leader) asked if we could come in and they were like “of course of course- come in!” As we went in they explained that about 200 people live in this home.  We got to hear a bit of their stories (one of them also wanting to go in this program to go to Saudi Arabia for work) and pray with them, and hopefully soon they will be able to join us for bible study.

This is a picture of my team (Mia all the way to the left, right behind me is Verena, in front of me is Ingrid, behind her is Mary and then Gianna and all the way to the right is Anna)
God had spoken to us about picking up trash on the streets in this area called Mali bay.  The next day we headed over there and Mia was stopped by the president of this elementary school asking why she was picking up their trash so she answered that God had spoken to us to do so and that we loved Pasay.  He then invited my team to dinner.  That night at dinner he explained that the next day was national teachers day and he wanted us to join.  So we did.  Which is where this picture took place.  They gave us jerseys and were all so so friendly.  My team also did a drama portraying the gospel which had great feedback.  While we were there, we got to pray for people and start some great relationships.

We were invited to go out on evangelism with a few people from a church. Verena and I were placed with a young man named Christian. As we walked the streets we found ourselves in a slum area. We walked pass an alleyway and Christian asked if we wanted to talk to this group of teenage boys. I said okay and we walked in the alley. Walking up Verena and I both said I have no idea what to say and we invited Holy Spirit. I began to talk with this group of 10 boys ranging from 14-19 years old. As I spoke I told a bit of my testimony, shared the gospel, talked to them about repentance, prayed and had them look at their own hearts to see if they were truly willing to leave behind life of sin and receive Jesus and 7 of them were willing and received Jesus as savior and turned from sin. All was translated by Christian in Tagalog although they understood a bit of English. We got them plugged in with Christian and his church because they live right next to his church.
(The picture is of a group of kids I met while on the same evangelism walk)


Just a cute puppy and little girl I met while doing evangelism!




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