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Wisdom or lip service?


“Lip service to God doesn’t change lives or nations.” Loren Cunningham (The Book that transforms Nations)


We talk all the time about what change we’d like to see happen. We debate it on Facebook. We argue sides at nauseum. The question remains, do we really want change? Life gives us plenty of practice on how to be better disciplined. We practice through diet, exercise, changing our attitudes and many other habits we get ourselves into that aren’t healthy or good for us. We mostly fail at these attempts. So it is no surprise that we also fail at reading Scripture.

Why is it such a big deal to read our Bibles? The question can be asked to everyone, but it will be very telling how we come back at it and from what perspective. To cut to the quick, the obvious question needs to be posed. Do we believe that the Bible is God inspired, that it is His word? If the answer is no, then it would become clear why we have no interest in investigating any further, which is ok and leads to other discussions. But if the answer is yes, then the sequential question would then be, why aren’t we reading it?

Why would we base our entire life around a book that we really don’t believe? I don’t know the answer to that other than we like what comes with it…the community, the value system attached to it, the security it may bring or the tradition it represents. Maybe we think we believe it, but really don’t.  Or maybe until we experience God transform our  life and/or someone’s life that is close to ours, it’s just a book that we place lovingly on our shelf, but never really read.

I hope it’s always clear that I am only writing from my experience. I often fail a few times before I get stuff right. I have to admit, it took me far too long to realize that my way of studying Scripture was far from what was needed to really know His word and truth deeply.  I had to learn that while doing topical studies and listening to sermons was really good,  it wasn’t His word directly. I firmly believe that He speaks to us directly when we read. There is no replacement to that. He brings revelation and the Holy Spirit nudges us and convicts us through His word. I have become hungry for this and try so hard to seek perspective before I speak or make decisions. Again, did I mention I fail sometimes?

The challenge I’d like to suggest is that we all seek His guidance in everything we do. Aaaaaand I know it’s easy to agree with this, as I can almost see your heads nodding in agreement with this,  but I mean, really do this….seek His guidance in everything we do. Because when we don’t seek it, we are led astray. The enemy is so glad when we don’t follow through. And I don’t mean morally seek and then come up with our own answer either. I mean, ask Him and wait for an answer. Believing that He will respond and direct us is a true discipline that we must practice daily. Hearing His voice is such a big part of our walk  as believers and we often don’t rely on that gift enough. I encourage you today, to make reading and studying His work a part of your daily habit. Ask Him to reveal direction and vision to you. Admit to Him when you’ve gone wrong and ask Him to forgive you. This is daily. Trust that He will guide and provide for you, so when we are faced with another oppositional argument (political, social or other), we can  ask The Lord for His permission before we speak. Represent God in an honoring way and be sure that what you are arguing in His name, is really what His truth says. If we all do this, we may just see some transformation take place. This is what will change hearts. This is what will change our world.

Respectfully in His most gracious grip,


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