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Update from the Philippines!


I have wanted to write to ya’ll an update for a couple weeks now, but to be honest I haven’t even known where to start! How do I explain this, how do I explain all that has happened?  These questions have put me into a procrastinating state, but the longer I go, the harder it will be, so I will just start.  First and foremost, we just hit six weeks here in Pasay, Philippines. And what a six weeks it has been! We have seen people healed (physically and emotionally), many salvation’s, we have gotten to disciple others, bring them out on evangelism with us, and teach them more about the ways of the Lord.  It has been amazing, I love spending time with all the children, the youth and seeing a 97-year-old man stand up out of his wheel chair and dance before the Lord.  I adore the Filipino people. They are so kind, so open, and hospitable.

We have about 7 more weeks of outreach and to catch you up a bit I have prayed about afterwards and I will be staying in Perth, Australia for three months doing discipleship bible school which will equip me to teach and preach the word to people all throughout the world.I have also felt called to stay in missions long term. I have applied to join South Sudan ministry here in Perth. I have grown such a heart for Africa and I cannot wait until God releases me to go! But I would love to ask you if you would pray about monthly supporting me. If you feel God has said yes then ask how much and if not I always always need support in prayer- for finances for health, for grace and whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to pray for!

Thank you and much love, Schy

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