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Living It out

 In my last blog post, I talked about letting go of expectations. This was a confession about holding my children up to a certain unobtainable standard. This week I feel compelled to confess something just as personal and my guess is I am not alone. My prayer is that by sharing this confession, you too will find strength and guidance in the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus to break the cycle of complacency.

Why is it so hard to live out my faith and be the hands and feet of Jesus?

Why is it so hard to live out my faith and be the hands and feet of Jesus? I have been asking myself this question a lot lately and just have not yet really come to a good answer. I know that when we live it out, we find ourselves in places that are uncomfortable. We find ourselves serving instead of being served. We find ourselves giving instead of taking. Its humbling to think about, living it out is costly. I wonder who would want to do that?

I believe my reasons for not living it out actually have very selfish motives that are clearly covered in a mask of pride. The I am right you are wrong attitude that has caused so much dis-unity in relationships, communities and the world. I don’t mind getting physically dirty, it’s the emotional dirt that I think I am avoiding. To truly be the hands and feet, we also need compassion, we need to offer Grace, we need to show Love, we need to be vulnerable.

When I am engaged in activity that is outside of the grasp of my pride, the times that I am truly being a humble servant, I find that there is a supernatural power that helps guide and assist. It’s a presence that calms nerves and provides insight into situations. This is the power of the Holy Spirt. I long for this spiritual awareness, yet I seem to also want to avoid it.

When you enter my house, you walk over a floor mat that is one of my life verses. Joshua 24.5. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” I believe this is not the type of service that sites on the sidelines, or the pews. But the type of life style that gets up, goes out and lives out of faith. Please pray for a renewal of this type of Spirit in me and my family, and for you and your family.


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