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Friends and Family,

Thank you for helping me get here and for all your prayers. I have felt them and know God has placed me exactly where He wants me. Life in Perth has been quite busy this last month, but filled with great teaching and application. Some of the lectures we have gone through since my last update are Worship and Intercession, Relationships, Evangelism, and Lordship! It has been so incredible to watch God move in my school as all of us grow closer to Him and each other.

For Worship and Intercession, we dug into scripture to find what it really means to live a lifestyle of worship. Later on in the week, we looked at the importance of intercession and why God wants us to intercede and partner with Him in bold prayers for people, nations, events, etc… Application days are always my favorite and for that week we came into class as worship music was playing and we all spent the first hour lifting God up in praise. After that, we were all asked the night before to think of some things we needed to lay down at the cross that are hindering our relationship with God. It was a great break through week for our school.

For Evangelism week, my class was spoiled and we got to hear from the base leader of Kona, Hawaii which is the biggest YWAM base in the world. It was a powerful week as we learned the fundamentals of different religions and how to preach the simple gospel to non-believers. He also had a woman with him from Nepal and she was able to share a lot about the local beliefs in Nepal and effective ways to reach the Nepali people. This was really helpful for us as we prepare to go to Nepal on outreach in the upcoming months.

At the end of the week, Application day rolled around and we were informed that we were to go to the city with our school and other ministries on base to do a big “open air.”  A few people would share on a mic and speaker  as others would evangelize to people stopping to listen. An hour before we went, my school leader asked me and my bunk mate if we’d like to speak. We both agreed. At first I was a bit nervous, but as I prayed the Lord really directed me in what to say and how to say it. It was such an amazing moment of growth for me as I really allowed God into the process.

Finally, this last week’s topic was Lordship. Our speaker was actually the base leader of the base my outreach team will be staying at in Battambang, Cambodia. The topic of Lordship has always been one of my favorites, yet it is always so heavy. Our speaker started off the week with digging deep into the first seven verses of Mark and showing the history and what the context of the words he was saying really meant during that time period. To give a small taste of what we learned, here is an example. In the first verse of Mark, it says, “The beginning of the gospel (good news) of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.” To us at first, this just seems like a basic way to open a letter. But the interesting part is that this statement made by Mark was a death sentence. Historically, when a new Caesar stepped into power, it was customary for them to read a similar statement about him before he took official command/leadership. “The beginning of the good news of “Nero”, Son of God.” They would claim that the new Ceasor was Son of God. Understand that Mark was making a bold statement about Jesus, who He was and what He did. The whole lecture was packed with this type of teaching. It was crazy.

 We spoke about how sometimes we don’t think God can relate to the pain we are going through, yet He endured the cross. Lordship application is a lot like Worship and Intercession application. We all were passed out a brick and a marker and wrote down what we needed to lay down. After we wrote on the bricks, we had worship together and then one by one, we all went up to the cross and spoke out our commitment. We laid down things like “rights” we think we have like. Examples might be, the right to be married, the right to comfort, the right to see our family again, the right for reputation, wealth, control, big stuff like that. This was a powerful night for us as a group.

I’m still trusting God for my last $500 for outreach. We did some factory work here in Perth and were allowed to use the money we made there, and put it toward outreach. Our whole group went and did work for this company and that helped! It’s challenging because each base is different and depending on that, expenses can differ. I was hit with a few unexpected things so my cash flow went down faster than I thought. It’s all good though. Learning a lot.

There are several fundraisers going on for me right now. I will attach them all below so you can see if any of them look like something you’d be interested in!

Charlie VanMeter – T-shirt

Sports Fundraiser YWAM Pert

  1. So exciting Chars!! Thanks for sharing your heart and experiences. Praying for you! Xoxo

  2. Great update Charlie! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Charlie,
    I love that you share what you are learning. That is awesome and such a sweet treat that you give to us. I am actually reading through the book of Mark during Advent. I continue to lift you up in prayer as God guides you and shows you the freedom that you have by having a relationship with Him. You are so loved!! Continue to trust! He has you in his hands. Mark 5:36 says to not be afraid, just have FAITH! I pray for safety, protection and more revelation of God’s love for you as you minister to those in Cambodia. I also pray that your finances are completely covered….but remember….if you are worrying….then you are not trusting. 🙂

    Love you tons.

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