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It’s the final countdown

Hi I’m bailey if we haven’t been introduced, and I will be attending YWAM Bethlehem musicians and singers DTS in Auckland Mew Zealand starting January.

These past few weeks have been very trying as I draw closer and closer to my DTS. The enemy is trying so hard to get me to stay in the cycle of negative energy and evil that surrounds me on a daily basis.

As the days become fewer the tribulations become more difficult. He knows I’m counting down the days. I’m counting down the days before I’m free of the evil that pulls back on my shoulders and tells me I’m not good enough. Counting down the days until my eyes can be opened to the blinding light of my Savior, the same Savior that continues to rip the enemies hands off my shoulders and implores me not to listen.

With all of my papers in order and with my flight being booked the enemy is scrambling to rip at the loose threads in my plan to escape with my true love, the Lord.

It’s a scary thought to be away from the people you hold dear for so long and to be completely out of reach. Thoughts run around the tracks of my brain of  “what if something happens while I’m away?” “what if I’m not needed”. Those are the enemy. It’s his way of saying I’ll find a way in no matter what. But it’s up to us to continue our persuit of our relationship with the Lord so he can be that strong and powerful force that protects us from that enemy.

But still;

its the final countdown,

and he’s trying so so hard,

but I will stay strong.

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