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I’m back!

I’m Back!
Sorry it has been a bit since I have been able to get out a newsletter, and I feel there is so much to talk about with such little space! I came back to Perth, Australia about two weeks ago from Manila, Philippines. Wow what a journey that was! Although I don’t feel called to the Philippines, I was amazed by how much my heart grew for the people there. From women working in prostitution, to pimps, to schools kids and street children, to tricycle drivers, and all in between- I have to say- I would have never guessed my heart could fall so in love with living for Him I love this life that God has given me. I love getting to live for someone other then myself, so refreshing, so fulfilling. I sometimes think about if He would call me to Antarctica and if that’s the only place in the world I could live for Him, well, then I am on a plane and headed to -50F or whatever crazy temperature it is. I have laid down my rights to a normal life (whatever that even means). I am so excited for all He has in store for my life and the excitement and passion just continues are worth it. From beds, to AC, to no cockroaches or spiders, to your choice in food- all of it, it is worth every moment. Doesn’t mean I always have it together when I begin throwing up whatever I ate wrong, or have a cockroach in my bed- but in the big picture, all of it is so worth every second.

Team praying for a woman in prostitution

Last day with my team back in Perth, miss them dearly!

Man got out of jail in July and decides to give his life to Jesus- no pool or body of water for baptism but he happily got me a bucket and walked to the street for me to baptize him. All with his children surrounding him! God is so cool!

Oh boy! Let me introduce you to Enoy. This is a boy I have wanted to adopt since I met him. He is five years old and thanks to many of your generous donations I got the privilege of buying him a second and third and fifth pair of clothes so he didn’t have to walk around in a big t-shirt alone week after week. I fell in love with this boy (even thinking about him is bringing tears to my eyes). He has a quietness and gentleness about him that is so special. He loves to jump around with you and also to hold hands and skip, dance, sing, cuddle, you name it. Boy is treasure! Oh so sad to go, I just love him oh so much (as I’m sure you could realize seeing as he has been in all of my other newsletters as well.

What a day this was! This is a senior high school class of 80 students I got the privilege of teaching with Sophia-Grace (who is standing next to me with dark hair.) I asked the principle if we could teach on human trafficking and he welcomed us as long as we also spoke on drugs as well. So that is just what we did. I began the class with a contest. They had to play rock paper scissors and the loser sits and the winner goes and finds another winner until their was just one. And so they did, and once we had the winner, I told him how he had won a free semester to a university in the U.S all expenses paid. Everyone in the class roared with jealousy and excitement. He began to ask where he would stay, when he would leave and so on, I then told him I would put in a good word for him on the basketball team and he didn’t have to worry about his visa at all because I had ties with the American embassy. After some off minutes of chatting about this, he asked if his parents could go as well, I told him “I’m sorry your parents cannot come”- once their was a brief hesitation I asked if anyone else in the class would like to take his place and i’d say %95 of the classrooms hands went up in a roar. Once I got them all quieted back down I said to them “And that is how you just got trafficked. All of you are willing to hop on a plane with me and leave without truly knowing anything” — hands clapped, jaws dropped, and lots of “oooohs” went around the room. We had their full attention after that. At the end Sophia- Grace was handed a letter thanking us for teaching on drugs because she went to try the day before and had been thinking a lot about it but now she chooses not to. Four other girls I was talking to once we finished all decided to give their life to Jesus and live for him and have relationship with him- with so much excitement. Before we left they wanted some pictures with us, and to pray for us and bless us on our way. What a beautiful class and opportunity this was.

Merry Christmas from my team to you and your family!
Over the course of this three month outreach in Pasay, my team had the privilege of being a part of 164 salvations, sharing the gospel with 938 people, praying and seeing 11 instant healings, praying for 1,500 plus people, teaching 1,679 people for 42 hours, 100 hours of intercession, and being a part of 1,051 mercy ministries. Just wanted to show all of you who pray and support financially a little glimpse of where your money, and time goes, all to such a great cause, so many lives were touched and impacted and changed forever due to you partnering with me and God in this. So a big thank you to you! I will be remaining in Perth doing bible school and mission building here, I hope to return to America for May and June and return back to Perth to join South Sudan ministry and work with the refugees here in Perth as well as Uganda. I am still in need of monthly financial partners, if you would pray about supporting me, either once or on a monthly basis- feel free to email me at Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy new years!
Much Love, Schyler

A few extra pics- on top is obviously a kangaroo! And the bottom is my dear dear friend and sister Verena!

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