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Leg one of Outreach: First stop, Cambodia

Friends and Fam!

Suostei! That means Hi in Cambodia! I feel like it has been awhile since you have all heard from me. I apologize. The last couple months have been pretty hectic as we were finishing up lecture phase, prepping for Christmas, and preparing to leave for outreach.

Lecture phase was such a great experience. God showed up and revealed himself in so many new ways. This fall he really spoke to me about learning to be a student. This was an area of my life I had improved on a lot but God was still wanting to go deeper. During lecture phase he exposed spots of my life than still needed to be stretched and molded and that’s exactly what he did. As we finished up lecture phase, our group really started to grow in strength and unity. To see how God continued to move from day one all the way until the last day of class was really incredible.

As Christmas came around the corner, the base started to get a bit busier. Everyday we had a work duty on base to help things run smooth. Lucky me, I got to help out with the Christmas luncheon. Every year they have a big Christmas lunch for all of us staying on base away from home. So for three months everyday my job was to call around and collect food and decoration donations. We had so much fun calling and collecting these donations. There was only me and another student from my school plus our awesome leader! Haha! Bless her as she dealt with Rico and I. Anyways the Christmas lunch turned out great and Christmas in WA (Western Australia) was actually quite great.

We have finally caught up to date on where I am today. So we left Perth Dec. 27 at 8 a.m and headed for our first leg of our trip. We had a nice 7 hour flight to China where we were spoiled for a night as each of us got our own hotel room courtesy of southern China air. The next morning we got up and caught a flight to Seim Reap, Cambodia. We stayed there for two days and were able to settle in to the culture with a few days of light evangelism, shopping for our stay, and exploring the city. After our two days there, we were able to head to Battambang where we will stay for the majority of our time here. We are staying in housing a few miles off base. Housing isn’t too bad. We have three guys, including myself, in my room with two beds and a bathroom and shower. Our little street has quite a bit of street food and little family food places to eat. We have been doing a lot of prayer walks and evangelism on our street. We have already started building great relationship with our literal neighbors. We have started assisting a coach that is on the base with his soccer team and we will continue helping coach three days a week while we are here. Many other cool things have been happening during our evangelism times.. .we have picked up trash on the streets in the city, made connections to hopefully be able to speak to a middle school (pray for open doors), and also work with a local church to help assist some of their ministries. More updates will come and I will try my best to keep you guys updated more frequently and in more detail as I want to share this experience with you as God moves with and through our team.

Thank you for your patience. Until next time… Leaheay!



Looking forward, if you are feeling God call you to partner with me in the next year(s), I will be looking for a committed team that will be my support. I need about 10-12 people that will pray about committing to $100 a month as I continue on with YWAM in taking the Gospel to the Nations. Please just pray. Ask God if it is you he is calling into this. If it’s a yes, then let’s talk. I should be back in the states mid- April. I look forward to meeting in person then!

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  1. Charlie…
    So good to read your update. Glad all is going well and you are getting settled with your outreach!
    Prayers for you and your team for continued safety and for doors to be open as relationships are being formed!

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