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2.5 Weeks

So we have only been on outreach for 2.5 weeks but it feels so much longer. We have been to Durham, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Keyser, West Virginia, and now Washington, DC.

We have been doing a Worldview Survey at different colleges within the places we are staying. The survey is called The GodTest. This is our medium to get a conversation started with people and to get them thinking about what they personally believe and how they view the world. At the end of the survey, we ask if they want to know the biblical answers to the questions or if they are a Christian, we get them thinking about God’s call on their life. We have done this at University of North Carolina, Old Dominion University, and a satellite base of University of West Virginia.

My favorite conversation so far has been at Old Dominion. There was a booth set up about government and since I just studied quite a bit about government, I decided to go talk to those people. Well one guy walked up, sunglasses and a headache, telling the group he was sorry he was late. I joked with him, asking him if he had slept off the hangover and he knew that I knew why he was late. He laughed and said he tried which was why he was late. He asked what I was doing there and I told him about our worldview survey. He didn’t want to take it because he didn’t really care for “religion” but he thought that Jesus was a cool “religious” guy. I explained I didn’t care for religion either and that Jesus wasn’t religious. He looked up from his phone, kind of shocked and said “You have my attention, how was Jesus not religious?”. I expressed how Jesus ate dinner with the outcasts, he performed miracles on days that no one was suppose to work, and that he upset a lot of leaders because he wasn’t following the religious laws. Jesus wasn’t religious and Christianity isn’t a religion. Religion says you have to follow rules and do works to be good enough. Christianity says Jesus paid it all, there’s nothing we can do to earn God’s love, it’s by grace we are saved, and we are called to love God and love others. The guy was pretty amazed and told me thank you and that he’s going to really look into it!

In Virginia Beach, we partnered with New Life church and helped behind the scenes for their leadership conference. We set up tables, restocked coffee and condiments, and helped set up for the conference. We really just wanted to bless the church by giving them extra bodies to help work the conference!

Keyser was a bit challenging for me. Almost the whole city is addicted to drugs. Our first night there, I had a panic attack. My PTSD was triggered by the way the city looked and the feeling in the atmosphere there. I was walking to 7-eleven with my entire team and this overwhelming feeling of fear came over me. I started having flashbacks of Mexico and I broke down crying in the store. My team prayed over me and the rest of the time in the city they would check in me and were understanding when I asked if one of them would walk with me back to the dorm or to base so I wouldn’t be alone. Not only was I upset over the PTSD but I was upset with myself because it’s something that I’m still struggling with a year and half later. It’s not often but there are moments that trigger it. After being in prayer and just asking God, “why me?”, I have some peace. Yes, I have PTSD, but how I let it control me is up to me. I can either breakdown and cry and let the fear overwhelm me, or I can stand tall, put on God’s armor, and pray against the Spirit of Fear in my life. I need to take action against the enemy instead of letting him control me.

Also during our time in Keyser, we did a lot of ministry in Cumberland, Maryland. There is where we worked with 2 different homeless ministries. One was called The Mission. They were a couple who was a Nurse and Pastor. Their ministry was running a homeless shelter, health clinic for the homeless, a food kitchen that served breakfast, lunch, and dinner ever day, and also church services Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The people that choose to stay in the shelter have to agree to do chores within the facility and attend all church services. The other ministry we worked with was called Street Outreach. They prepared bagged breakfasts the second and last Thursday of the month. They would go around handing out these bags to anyone that was hungry and would offer prayer and a bible, along with asking if they need any clothes or blankets. It was truly amazing working with these ministries and just getting to listen to the homeless. They are people just like you and I. They had struggles that got them to where they are but they want to be noticed. Those men and women’s faces lit up when I asked “What’s your story?”. It really showed me the importance of a simple conversation.

In Washington, we went to an event called Awaken the Dawn. All over the mall were tents set up for each state to worship and bigger tents for more worship and prayer. There was a stage set up where bands would play and speakers came to talk. The first night we went, Francis Chan was the speaker!! He’s always so good. But this event was for all the states to come together, and pray for our nation and that God’s kingdom would transform our nation.

Please continue to pray for my team as we continue to head north! Thank you!

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