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I just want to take a moment and apologize for not ever completing my outreach portion of the blog. I know I’ve been home for over a month now but here is what happened.

After working with the homeless in NYC, my team traveled to Massachusetts on complete faith of God. During lecture, Plymouth was a big focal point because that is where the Mayflower docked and the separatist of the church came to make home in The New World. As we were blindly heading to Massachusetts in faith that God would provide housing, our leaders felt like they should call this one church that they found by Google. Sure enough, the church had heard about YWAM and wanted to host us! But what was even more cool was that the church was located smack-dab in the middle of downtown Plymouth where you could walk right to Plymouth Rock! God is awesome in providing. While in Plymouth, we toured the city and prayer walked. We went to the Jenny Museum that is owned by a man that speaks only of how God shaped our nation with the Mayflower Compact and all that God did to orchestrate it all. It was amazing to hear that God was at work to bring this nation about.

After Massachusetts, we headed to Upper Valley, New Hampshire to stay a couple nights at a YWAM base there. On the way there, I literally cried because of how beautiful the fall colors on the trees were! Note, I have been born and raised in Florida so never in my life had I seen fall! It was gorgeous. Our soul purpose at the YWAM base was to just soak in the presents of God and rest in Him. There, I met some pretty cool people that really ministered into my life and they don’t know it, but their words that they gave me while I was there with them, are still effecting me and helping me today. They really helped to me trust in God and not to be afraid or ashamed of what I’ve done but to give it to God because He is kind and loving.

Our next stop was Upstate New York. There, we did some college campus evangelizing but also heading to Canada to see Niagara Falls! That day might have been super awesome for me because it snowed on the way there!!!! We stopped at a gas station and there was ice on the ground! I had made a comment that I would stop complaining about the cold if it would just snow already, and since it snowed, I didn’t make a comment about it! Instead, I jumped out of the van and skipped around cheering! It was awesome.

Our last stop was Cincinnati, Ohio. We stayed at a small church and really ministered to the pastor and community.

We ended up heading to Texas a week early but our outreach didn’t end then. Instead, we decided to share some love to our own base and help out with whatever was needed. We ended up power washing the chapel, taking leaves off roofs of the homes on base, raking A LOT of leaves off yards, tiding up the storage building, and trying to dig out a stump that is in the way in the middle of a road. Key word- tried. We ended up not being able to but our leader kept at it even after we all went home. He sent a picture a week after I arrived home that the stump was indeed finally cleared out! Our last week in Tyler was good. We were blessed to be a blessing to the staff at YWAM Tyler. They hadn’t had their own team do outreach there in a while so it was nice to have the extra help for them.


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