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The Infinite Language

Returning from my mission in Thailand, I sit here in awe, trying to process just how amazing it really was. People have asked me to put it in words. And each time I try, I simply can’t. There are few words that I can use, but they all fall short of what I really experienced. As I try and reflect upon all the incredible things God showed me, the thing I felt most connected to was the indescribable joy that comes out of authentic relationship with others. I saw here a people that longed to love. Longed for relationship. I had the privilege to meet an authentic and raw people. People who have wronged and been wronged. But no matter the circumstances, no matter the pain, all were connected through love. We were not meant to go though this alone, we were called to love God and love each other. And when you have relationship with the almighty creator, your heart will be softened to experience the love that we were intended to feel. One of the biggest things God has revealed to me recently is that love has no language barrier. No matter if you are in Thailand, Africa or a local coffee shop, Love is universal. No words required. A force that though only an almighty God can we attain it’s authenticity at full. Every day is OUR mission, now go and spread love to all nations!

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