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The Engagement

Now I have never been engaged, but recently I finished a devotional about pursuing God. There was one day of this devotional that I had an epiphany over!

We are the bride of Christ. When we pass and go to heaven, it’s our marriage day to Jesus. This is the epiphany, so while we are on earth, we are in our engagement phase of our relationship with God. We need to look at our relationship with God as a big engagement in the steps of getting married.

Now I’m preaching to myself here. I have not been living as though I was engaged to God. I pushed him to the side and let someone else take his place. But after reading that, it really hit home for me. I don’t think when you’re engaged to someone that you don’t want to spend time with them or include them in your life, that would make for one awkward marriage. While here on earth, we need to act as though we are in our engagement to God. Invite him in your every day things. Include him when you go out or are spending time alone. The great thing about God is that he doesn’t force himself on us or in our life, he wants to be invited in.

So start pursuing God and enjoy your engagement to Him!

The Pursuit Devotional :click on the link to check out the devotional!

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  1. As usual, another wonderful insight Merisa! It is so encouraging to see your walk consistently mature with God! What a beautiful expression of His love.

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