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Flame Throwers

Some of you might have heard of the IF Gathering. If not, this is an internationally broadcasted women’s conference and man oh man, it was great. This years theme whas ABLAZE, multiple different speakers talked about this new generation of fires starting fires. It’s all about discipleship, how one spark can turn into a nation of believers on fire for Jesus. They talked about how a little tea light candle is pretty, it makes a little bit of light, it has a purpose but it’s not going to spread and it can be easily put out. But imagine a world not lit by tea light candles, but a world set ABLAZE by flame throwers. When God calls you to mentor someone, when you see a spark, blow on those embers. Breathe into that relationship, help grow that flame into another flame thrower. I struggle with not feeling qualified to be a mentor, not feeling like I have myself together enough to lead another in their faith. But then, I was reminded that God has given us what we need. We can use our brokenness to relate with others brokenness, and by perseverance through those times we can see how God uses ALL things for good. We just need to show up. We don’t need all the answers, all we need is what God has already placed us with. If the kindling in our heart becomes a raging fire in the Kingdom of God, imagine how many fires we can start? If we can throw those flames, guaranteed, lives will be changed. But part of our battle is that there is an enemy and he comes to steal, kill and destroy. But My God comes to bring the fire, we aren’t in this war with no ammunition people. We need a fire that is fueled by the Word and Sustained by him. A tea light candle can easily flicker and burn out, but a flame thrower… well, Satan you better run because you can take all that I have but you will not take my flame, because that flame is fueled by an eternal fuel called the blood of Jesus Christ. Sorry that this was a lot to contain in one paragraph and might not have total sense, but that is just how life is. It is a lot of messy and it cannot be contained and may not make the most sense, or any sense for that matter… but that is where obedience comes in. You can have no clue about the why or the how but you you know the direction, as long as you keep your eyes on him, there’s your direction. Don’t look at your feet, don’t look at the people next to you, that will only slow you down by getting you stuck in comparison and competition. Run YOUR race at GOD’S pace. This means that there are times that you might be delighting in the waiting, there might be times where he is pushing you to the edge of comfortable, or maybe you are in a season of study. Whatever season you are in, as long as you keep your eyes on Jesus, you will not sink. Don’t try to run ahead of God, or don’t stop to hang out with the “cool kids”, because you will never be sustained if you never take the time to be with the one who created you long enough for him to fill you.

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