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Before, During and After

Before, During and After

At Love’s Calling, we talk a lot about Before, During, and After. These are the three fundamental time-frames for the events that we serve. Whether it be a youth conference, a short-term or long term mission, the way we look at these time frames can determine whether the experience is an interesting activity or a life-changing moment in our spiritual journey. The common view is that the impact mostly happens during the event. Our view is significantly different.

The Common View.

defaultviewWe've been given revelation about viewing these before, during and after phases in a whole new way. In the case of a short-term mission trip, be it one week, one month, or even a six months, there is a need to proportionately expand the impact before and after the trip relative to the trip itself. This can apply equally to conferences, or even adoption scenarios.


The Love’s Calling View.

Our View

Before an event begins, we believe it is critical to focus on preparation and promotion in order to fully develop and prepare the heart, as well as the support network that will be required. Whether the support is financial, prayer, training, equipping, we believe it happens most effectively in a community comprised of the sent and the senders of that particular event. This is also the time to encourage individual and group preparation through bible study, devotion, and prayer as well as including the congregation/community in the upcoming story, inviting and teaching them how to be involved, stay connected and show support.

During the event, our focus shifts to enhancing the experience by continuing to engage the sent/sender community with updates, short stories, and inspiration within the previously developed community. We do this by facilitating the sharing of information through our website, in person and on social media as appropriate. This naturally results in on-going prayer requests and answers, further sustaining the community. How much or little this happens, ultimately depends on the commitment of the community and how connected to God's voice they are.

After the event, which we consider to be a critical time, our focus is to preserve commitments and experiences. We do this by promoting opportunities to share testimony. This provides encouragement and inspiration to others on both sides of the activity. We believe it is vital to capture and discuss the spiritual impact that the event has had and how it redirects the perception of God’s purpose in our lives. Another aspect of the “after” phase is how the larger community of all those who have served naturally grows as they relate to each others testimonies in this encouraging environment. It's at this time, the community grows stronger and closer together as they walk through this process together. God is witnessed.

Love’s Calling International is here to serve. We are not here to develop a niche or be glorified in our own right. We see a need to bridge communities, to bridge ministries and to shine the spotlight on The One whom we all seek to know...God. We see a real need to engage and encourage this next generation to identify who they are in Christ, find their gifts and pursue a life loving and serving God. He has laid it on our hearts to be a facilitators of this. If you would like to discuss how Love’s Calling can support you and your community, please contact us today.


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