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Reckless Love

This Sunday during worship I got a word from God. Well, actually a few words that I want to share with you. I know many of you. I may have raised children with you, I may have been your coach, your teacher, your youth leader or you

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Do we believe?

This question is for real. Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior? It’s a question that is often avoided for some reason. Even in many churches, it often isn’t asked. Ultimately, your faith is your own. It’s a personal conviction. You either have it or

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Flame Throwers

Some of you might have heard of the IF Gathering. If not, this is an internationally broadcasted women’s conference and man oh man, it was great. This years theme whas ABLAZE, multiple different speakers talked about this new generation of fires starting fires. It’s all about discipleship,

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Be Brave.

When praying for a word for this upcoming year, 2018, I really felt God was telling me that it was going to be the word BRAVE. I was reminded of a quote written on the walls of one of the training centers from my most recent mission.

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Run devil run

I just found out from a friend that a daughter of our mutual friend was in trouble again. She has struggled for many years with addiction among other things. Her dad and step-mama have prayed over her for years, have done all they can possibly do and

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Loves Calling was founded to ensure that those who were willing to go into the mission field – even for a short time – would be sent by the community that nurtured them. In many cases congregations had made solemn promises of support during a child’s baptism

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Community… not just a Christmas thing

The word “community” has been a buzz word for awhile now. I think probably because there has been a lack of it in our world lately. It seems we are all recognizing that, and quickly agreeing that it’s not something we want to see disappear. The word

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Beautiful things

Recently my co-worker and I had to move our office and because of space we could no longer could use our big bulky desks. We thought of using a table that could function as a desk for both of us, a conference desk, or just even as

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Living It out

 In my last blog post, I talked about letting go of expectations. This was a confession about holding my children up to a certain unobtainable standard. This week I feel compelled to confess something just as personal and my guess is I am not alone. My prayer

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Wisdom or lip service?

  “Lip service to God doesn’t change lives or nations.” Loren Cunningham (The Book that transforms Nations)   We talk all the time about what change we’d like to see happen. We debate it on Facebook. We argue sides at nauseum. The question remains, do we really

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