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Nicole Wenger

I can’t believe I’m already leaving!

I can't believe I'm already leaving!

I leave today!! I can’t believe my time is already done here in Zinga. Brett leaves tomorrow, so we are just driving into Dar today. I was really upset, since I felt like i really didn’t get to shine God’s light and really help people. I wasn’t

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The other group just left, leaving just myself and Brett again. We’ve played way too many card games in our free time. He was super shy at first, but he’s become like a big brother. And he can quote Mean Girls! It’s pretty funny. During the day,

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New guests

Mary and Madeline left a few days ago to head home, but today we are getting new guests that are checking out the project here. They are really nice! The only girl with them is Rosie, and she helped me bake sugar cookies today. We tripled the

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Money matters

I found out that the average family lives off $300 a month! That’s how much I would make in a week! Entire families have to live off that! It totally blew my mind and made me realize how much I take for granted. I’ve been sorting rice

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Things are different here…

This morning, I got my first marketplace experience! I went with Mary and our driver Hatibu into Bagamoyo, which is a town about an hour away. Well, I’ve never smelled anything like that before! There was this little girl that was looking at me weird and calling

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We got home from Zanzibar yesterday, which was a great trip, but us three are happy to be back with familiar faces and other people that speak english! Our first night there, a Masaai man did some tribal curse or something on us at dinner! That was

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Building fences

Today I worked on the cement fence with Madeline, a girl who is volunteering there as well. She’s from Missouri and super sweet! She is a few years younger than I am and has been saving up money since she was 12 to come back to Tanzania.

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Just arrived!

July 10, 2015 I just arrived around 8am in Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania and was picked up by Paula and Denny, who started International Health Partners(IHP). I’ve seen poverty before while in Merida, Mexico, but nothing could have prepared me for this. It’s

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