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Why Brave? The Reason Behind the Shirt

Hey everyone! I have been receiving a lot of questions lately as to why I choose to design my shirt the way I did, and there is just so much that went into it, it’s becoming harder and harder to condense everything! I wanted to make it

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Flame Throwers

Some of you might have heard of the IF Gathering. If not, this is an internationally broadcasted women’s conference and man oh man, it was great. This years theme whas ABLAZE, multiple different speakers talked about this new generation of fires starting fires. It’s all about discipleship,

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Be Brave.

When praying for a word for this upcoming year, 2018, I really felt God was telling me that it was going to be the word BRAVE. I was reminded of a quote written on the walls of one of the training centers from my most recent mission.

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The Engagement

Now I have never been engaged, but recently I finished a devotional about pursuing God. There was one day of this devotional that I had an epiphany over! We are the bride of Christ. When we pass and go to heaven, it’s our marriage day to Jesus.

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He’ll Look Beautiful

We often think of the enemy as Hollywood has characterized him as. An ugly guy with red horns. But that isn’t how he is. He can be something so beautiful that will make people think “Could this be from God?”. He’s the father of lies (John 8:44)

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2.5 Weeks

So we have only been on outreach for 2.5 weeks but it feels so much longer. We have been to Durham, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Keyser, West Virginia, and now Washington, DC. We have been doing a Worldview Survey at different colleges within the places we

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Leg one of Outreach: First stop, Cambodia

Friends and Fam! Suostei! That means Hi in Cambodia! I feel like it has been awhile since you have all heard from me. I apologize. The last couple months have been pretty hectic as we were finishing up lecture phase, prepping for Christmas, and preparing to leave

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It’s the final countdown

Hi I’m bailey if we haven’t been introduced, and I will be attending YWAM Bethlehem musicians and singers DTS in Auckland Mew Zealand starting January. These past few weeks have been very trying as I draw closer and closer to my DTS. The enemy is trying so

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What’s been happening

Friends and Family, Thank you for helping me get here and for all your prayers. I have felt them and know God has placed me exactly where He wants me. Life in Perth has been quite busy this last month, but filled with great teaching and application.

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