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More Than Just T-Shirts!

When we first started ordering T-shirts at Love’s Calling, we really were starting from scratch. We had no experience creating or making them, didn’t know a thing about screen printing vs direct garment…nothing. We were learning very quickly that costs add up. Color cost is extra, editing the original drawing cost extra, extra screens cost extra. It was a bit overwhelming and we were wondering how we were going to be able to reach our goal while keeping cost down.

I started looking on Craigslist and that is where we first met Joseph. After talking to several different vendors, I kept leaning back toward my conversation with Joe. He was kind and straightforward. I chose him and thus began our working relationship.

Without going into all the little awesome details of how God has worked through this relationship with Joe, we (Ron and I) knew that it was once again God, who in all his mercy, led us to a young man that was understanding and willing to meet us where we were at in our early hours as a new ministry.

We found out much later that he probably has given us much more than we deserve as a customer. We are so grateful to be working with him. When we mess up (as humans do), he is very forgiving. When we told Joe that we were having a fundraiser dinner and that he was invited, he didn’t hesitate in accepting our invitation. Keep in mind, he does not live close by. He has at minimum, a three-hour drive. He came, he sat at our table because we wanted him to be able to see the amazing thing all his work had done. We wanted him to see that they weren’t just t-shirts, that they were used as conduits to God’s work in the world. I think he may have been overwhelmed…I know we were.

When we started LCI, we knew we wanted to instill all the values that we knew were from God and could be found in healthy organizations. One of them was valuing people (the others: displaying authenticity, developing people, building community, providing leadership, sharing leadership). We value Joe. We value his work and him as an individual. We invite him into our community and are so grateful to be working with such an amazing young man.

Thanks Joe, from all of us at LCI!


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