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Our Story

LeeAnne Unruh Executive Director of Love's Calling International

Our story begins with me as a young mom. Raised in the Presbyterian Church, I understood religion, but not yet the Gospel. It wasn’t until I grasped the message of Jesus Christ and accepted him as my savior that the gravity of my responsibility as a parent became clear. It was then I became very selective in surrounding my children with strong Christian leaders and mentors. As teens, I began to send them to every camp, conference, concert, retreat or mission trip that came along so that they would learn and be encouraged in their faith walk.

When Sam (my daughter) was a teenager, she was always found with paper and a sharpie in church. The gospel message was always flowing from her pen into some kind of story, design or picture. Her Bible was covered inside and out with notes. Through this, God began His gentle nudges.

Later, in her young adult life her musical gifts began to develop. She wanted desperately to follow where she thought God was calling her (Hillsong College: Worship Leadership). This, we later found out, touched both our hearts. Even though she felt a strong call, the economics of it were out of reach. Our economy was also in a slump. The door for that opportunity closed.We watched other students miss out on different opportunities when their financial sponsorship fell through and it was heartbreaking to see. We empathized with them and wanted to change this. We felt like if God was calling, we have a responsibility to support and send those called.

It wasn't until 2013 when I was laid off as an online teacher that the promptings became more than gentle nudges and quiet whispers. They became undeniable urgings from God. It took us a while to get focused and still the Holy Spirit leads us to new ideas and possibilities every day. But right now we can’t ignore the amazing opportunity we have to help students earn money to go where they are called and help train them to share the Gospel. We want to encourage them to share with others how God is working in their lives and how to live boldly in their faith. Helping to raise funds so that one more person can learn to love God, love each other, and share this message with others, is a blessing that we are so fortunate to be a part of.

In His grip,
LeeAnne Unruh
Executive Director
Love's Calling International Inc. 


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