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Leg one of Outreach: First stop, Cambodia

Friends and Fam! Suostei! That means Hi in Cambodia! I feel like it has been awhile since you have all heard from me. I apologize. The last couple months have been pretty hectic as we were finishing up lecture phase, prepping for Christmas, and preparing to leave

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First update from “Straya”

Hey everyone, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you guys on what’s going on through my journey. I have made it and I’m in good hands. We are just now heading into week three and let me tell you the speakers have

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Journey in Pasay, Philippines

I have been in Pasay, Metro Manila for a little over two weeks now. Although Perth, Australia (where I started) is the farthest place in the world away from where I come from- and the most isolated city in the world- I never felt far away from

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“We have no money, but we are happy people”

Wow, what an incredible week it has been! I have never experienced another culture then my own, so coming to Asia has been quite the adjustment. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with not knowing what to do. Learning how to cross the street without crosswalks

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Follow up…it’s still not hard.

I’m acting as messenger for Charlie again, but this time without notes. Ron and I were heading north on 95 when I got a call from Charlie. I really was hoping to hear about any progress made with the man Charlie met in the park, but didn’t

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It’s not hard.

It’s not hard. So I spent awhile on the phone with Charlie yesterday talking about some personal growth items and then I was blessed with an amazing story that he shared about a day last week. I am writing for him so that this stuff does not

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Praise Update

Hello to everyone! This blog is kind of a praise update! We have been so busy enjoying the blessings that have been flowing through and around us, that we thought it would be important to share! So here are some of this week’s highlights: SAVE THE DATE:

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Repentance and Forgiveness

So this past week was pretty amazing. We had a speaker come in and talk to us about repentance and forgiveness. Instead of trying to explain, I’m going to attach some notes. Let’s just say it was powerful. Charlie

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Who is God?

Who is God? Before my crazy adventure in Mexico with God, I would have said something like “Oh God is the creator…He is good…” or even, “He’s the big man upstairs”. Which in my mind then he was only the big man upstairs. I never included him

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I’ve been home for a month…now what? My emotions upon arriving home have been all over the place! Like imagine shaking a box with a ball in it. Well I feel like I’m that ball. I either want to go hang out with people or I want

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