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Bailey Drake

I grew up Presbyterian and I always believed in God, but I never had a relationship with him. I went with my youth group to a camp called "Camp Authentic" when I was a freshman in high school and didn't know what to expect. It was a week-long camp where we would have morning gathering, noon gathering, night gathering, and games in between. The first two nights where fine. There was a lot of passion that I was not used to. On that Wednesday night, we were talking about grace and forgiveness and breaking down walls. They began worship and they were singing the song everything by Lifehouse and I felt Gods presence for the first time. I got really really hot and started to sob. What was in front of me went black and I saw a beautiful image of the sky (which was strange being that I was inside). I fell back in my chair sobbing and shaking. I couldn’t talk for an hour because I was so hysterical. But I wasn't sad at all. I was filled with joy. I had never felt real joy before that moment. I walked back to my room I shared with 5 girls, two of which where my leaders, and told them what I saw and felt. They told me about how God shows his presence to people in different ways. everyone shared their testimonies that night, and that was the night I gave my heart to Christ.

I am the only girl of five and the youngest. My mother is mother to me and my brothers Austin and John-Steven and my father is father to me and my brothers Camden and Kody. Not only are the age differences quite substantial, but I'v felt resented because I am the product of one of their parents choosing someone other than their other parent. I love them more than they know and I hope that if I get excepted and get to go to YWAM it will make an impact on them spiritually. My mother and father are still together, but since my brothers are all grown it's just me and my parents in the house. It's been hard lately and I'm holding onto hope that me improving my relationship with God will improve my relationship with my whole family. I love them dearly.

I need God back in my life. I need to be able to hear him. I've always struggled with mistaking his voice and not being able to see when he's talking directly to me. I'm broken and would like to have him fully running my life again. I also hope to be able to defend him in everyday situations. I want to arm myself with the armor of God and prepare myself for spiritual battle. I also hope that building my relationship with God will help with my relationships at home.

YWAM Musicians and Singers DTS Bethlehem, New Zealand

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The breakdown of finances

(Updated November 15, 2017)

  • Length: 6 months Training
  • Budget: $7,891-$9,891


  • Application Deposit $30 USD (PAID)
  • Overseas Health Coverage (OSHC) 
  • VISA  
  • Initial Travel to Auckland, NZ $1,367 USD 
  • Training Phase (3 months): $2, 716 USD ($1500 due now/ the rest upon arrival)

PHASE 2 (Outreach) Due 3 weeks into Traning Phase

  • 3 months: $2,749 to $4,812 USD (the price varies depending on location of travel for outreach. Outreach locations will be prayed about and decided during lecture phase.)
  • Misc. expenses during both phases for 6 months: $1,000 USD


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