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Katie Lane

Hello! My name is Katie Lane, I'm 19 and currently live in Jupiter, Florida. When I was 17, my life drastically changed. In high school, I was always a trouble maker and I lived very selfishly. So after my junior year of high school, my parents decided to send me to the Dominican Republic to complete my senior year. At first, I freaked out because I had barely even been out of the country, and now I was living in the DR?? After one week, I was still struggling, but I fell in love with the beauty of the Dominican Republican and the people whose lives we were changing. We did community service work after school about three days a week and made bonds with people I would have never dreamed would change me so deeply. I found my passion for adventure and nature and fell in love with the idea of simple living.

  Now here I am two and a half years later ecstatic about my opportunity to live like that again! After graduating, I wanted to do something meaningful and adventurous with my life instead of just following all of my peers in to college when I didn't even know what I wanted to do yet! I found "Surfing the Nations" and knew immediately I wanted to be a part of it. "Surfing the Nations" is a non profit, humanitarian organization that focuses on mentoring at risk youth, feeding the hungry, and outreach trips. It is based in Oahu, Hawaii. We have weekly classes with biblical teachings so I will also have the opportunity to grow in my relationship with God which means so much to me.
I would love for anyone reading this to stay updated on what I'm doing, so please feel free to follow my blog or to email and/ or call me anytime! If you feel led to donate it is much appreciated but even a simple prayer for me or an encouraging text would mean so much. (:

Breakdown of cost

Application fee: $50
3-month Internship Program: $3,000
Internship fees cover housing, utilities and outreach trip.*

Suggested Personal Spending Money: $1,000

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