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Merisa Moroz

Merisa Moroz - YWAM School of Evangelism

Merisa Moroz

In 2016, Merisa completed Discipleship Training School in Mazatlan, Mexico where she learned about God and who we are in God during a 10 weeks of intense classes. After which she and her team of 19 went to La Paz, Punta Perula, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Durango, and some parts of Mazatlan to spread God’s love in different neighborhood, different cities, and even encouraging leaders of different churches and supporting their ministries.

She now has an opportunity to return back to Youth With A Mission for a School of Evangelism. Where she will be going deeper into everything learned at Discipleship Training School and also learning new tools that will help her to reach more people for God.

I really feel called to this school so that I can come back home and be better equipped to love on my city and community. - Merisa

This time around Merisa will be completing her training in the United States, at a YWAM base in Tyler, Texas. Her outreach location is unknown at this time, however, past participants have traveled to Greece, Egypt, Mexico and other parts of South America, in addition to traveling around the US.

The Tyler campus is one of the key international training and sending centers for YWAM. Each year YWAM Tyler trains and send hundreds of young people, from many nations and backgrounds, to effect those influential spheres of society in the transformation of nations. 

The School of Evangelism (SOE) is an advanced program. The focus of the school is to prepare the messenger to walk in God’s truth, love and power, demonstrating by word and deed Christ’s message.

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Mazatlán, Mexico - Discipleship Training School & Outreach

Mazatlan Soccer Outreach

Merisa sharing time with two girls at a local soccer club mission in Mazatlan, Mexico.

In January of 2016, Merisa was sent to YWAM (Youth on a Mission) in Mazatlán, Mexico for a five month DTS (discipleship training school) and outreach to the Mexican people. She needed to raise over $8000 for the 5 month trip. Her community came together and supported her and for that she is forever grateful.

merisa moroz

To Know Him and Make Him Know was the theme of Merisa's DTS.

After training, she traveled on outreach to La Paz, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Durango, all within Mexico. 

During her journey in Mexico, Merisa made regular updates to her blog. She also summarized her experience when she wrote "Who is God?"

Before my crazy adventure in Mexico with God, I would have said something like “Oh God is the creator…He is good…” or even, “He’s the big man upstairs”. Which in my mind then he was only the big man upstairs. I never included him in my daily walk. I never had a passion for him. I didn’t see him as a “loving father” or even a father at all. I did week long mission trips with the church, I even went to Passion. But my small view on God was that he wasn’t as big as people made him out to be.  Read more →


The Mission of YWAM Mazatlan

Located in the city of Mazatlan Mexico, we are an international Christian missions movement dedicated to providing young people from all over the world opportunities to serve Mazatlan, Mexico, and the nations.

Locations of Merisa's Outreach in Mexico