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Arise Talents Uganda

Arise Talents Uganda

arise1This fundraiser is to fund a Christmas party for the Arise Talents children and to paint the gate at the front of their school. If you feel the spirit moving you to give to this, please click on the donate button. Dickson Nabiru works so hard to give these children the best possible future he can and is so grateful for any partnering he gets. We are happy to help Dickson in his tireless endeavors and pray that folks like you will be moved to share in the blessing God has given us. Merry Christmas!


About Arise Talents Uganda


Hello! Please forgive us for not updating has been a busy holiday season and start to our new year at LCI! First of all, THANK YOU to all those that jumped on board, bought t-shirts, art and jewelry to help raise money for Arise Talents! They are so appreciative and so grateful. Please know that. Secondly, we are thankful for both First Presbyterian Church of Grand Junction, Colorado and all the people that came together to make the fundraiser happen! Wow! We had so much help from such wonderfully humble and loving people that we were truly overwhelmed. Meribeth, Sarah and I had prayed with Dickson the morning before the event, he had tears in his eyes and was overwhelmed by all the people coming alongside him. He is such a wonderful man. The evening was a success in that we were able to share his story and sell a lot of his beautiful paintings. That was exactly what we were hoping for. God is so good!

We are also SO grateful for Megan Henry and Independence Academy for allowing us to tell his story to the students there! What a gift to share with children in America, how the students of Arise Talents stand strong against the injustice of poverty, rise above it every single day and learn to enjoy art and all the gifts life has to offer! It was beautiful to see the children share the love of art and to see how it is expressed in such different, yet similar ways! As we played the videos of the students at Arise Talents for the students at Independence Academy, it was so humbling to watch their entranced faces take in the different sights and sounds of Jinja, Uganda. The happy faces of the Ugandan children dancing and singing and painting and drawing was a beautiful sight and we could see the impact it had on the students in Colorado. 

On top of that, the students at IA had already collected art supplies for Dickson and the kids as well as continued to sell t-shirts, paintings and jewelry that the AT kids had made. We are so thankful and are also floored by the continued efforts this school is making to keep the connection. If you haven't had a chance to watch the video they made for the AT kids, see our Facebook page, Love's Calling International. It is posted there. 

The status now is that we have raised around $13,000 plus dollars and we continue to raise more to meet our $20,000 goal. This goal will be enough to include the van itself and a small fund that we will keep in a savings account for when/if the van needs repairs and/or maintenance. We will keep you informed as we work toward our goal. We will continue to see the t-shirts and will be having another art auction in North Palm Beach in late April to sell the rest of Dickson's beautiful paintings. Stay tuned and continue to be the salt and light in our world.

LCI Crew


After living as an orphan for years and surviving by creating and selling beautiful paintings to tourists visiting the Nile River in Uganda, Lubaale Nabiru (Dickson) knew he had the ability, drive, talent and heart to create change and bring hope to his village in Uganda.

In 2013, at the age of 20, Dickson launched Arise Talents Uganda, a registered Community Based Organization (CBA) in his village of Mafubira, outside of Jinja, Uganda.

Currently, within the Arise Talents' home Dickson lovingly restored and furnished, five orphan children live and go to school daily. Another twenty vulnerable or orphaned children visit on an ongoing basis. All are taught art, music and dance as well as life skills and English.

In this environment all the children are well loved and fed, providing a foundation of self-worth, hope, aspiration and talents to help them become self-sufficient.


Most of All Let Love Guide Life