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Robyn Wallman

This year's summer mission will be to Peru!

After having a year to soak in all she learned while visiting Uganda last year, Robyn has decided to join her local college ministry on their trip to Peru this summer. The group will be traveling for a week to Lima, Peru where they will work for a ministry called, "Frontline Peru Mission and Community. There, they will be doing the groundwork that is so needed by many understaffed missions, and that is construction and bringing more hands and feet to serve the children of the community. Sometimes some of the greatest gifts we can bring a community is our love and compassion. We are so excited that not only has Robyn established herself in a college ministry, but has decided again to make time for outreach on her summer break.

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Amani Baby Cottage - Jinja, Uganda

Robyn Wallman

During the summer of 2016 Robyn served at the Amani Baby Cottage in Jinja, Uganda for 4 weeks. While there she also serve on outreach at Sole Hope and at Arise Talents! Two ministries so dear to her heart! Robyn is a member of Indian River Presbyterian Church, in Fort Pierce, Florida and is an active member of "Surge" their high-school and collage ministry program.

About Amani Baby Cottage

amaniAmani Baby Cottage was established in 2003 to provide care for orphaned and abandoned children. ABC is located in Jinja, Uganda near the shores of Lake Victoria.
They can house up to 60 children ages birth to 5 years. Children are referred to them through the local authorities and the social welfare system. Many are orphaned when their parents die due to AIDS, birth complications or other factors. Some are abandoned in the hospital after birth. Others are found abandoned at taxi stops, in latrines, or on the street.

To learn more visit the Amani website >>>>

The Children of Amani Baby Cottage.

The Children of Amani Baby Cottage.