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SURPRISE! Well sorta to you- but very much to me! As I was having my quiet time with the Lord last week, God began highlighting Nepal to me- and I began with all my excuses as to why I couldn’t go. I felt that He said to me “why don’t you go for a month?” I had so much to do and not enough time as it was. But nonetheless I went and spoke to my leader about going for just one month. And he told me that the day before someone else asked if she could go for one month at the same time that I asked if I could go (Month of April). He also told me that he had gotten a call from a Nepali leader asking for us to send out a team for one month. Then something that was so important for me to do was moved to a later date. And so it was confirmed again and again. SURPRISE! My plans were rearranged. But that’s what happens when you invite Jesus into them! I love it! So Nepal- here I come!

My plan is to fly straight from Kathmandu to the U.S for a two month visit before heading back to Perth. As you all know- same with anyone else in missions- we only continue to do what we do with Gods grace and partners like you. You all have been so generous, and each donation (no matter the amount) and all your prayers are more appreciated then you may realize.

With this being said I am in need of monthly partners as I continue in missions. The trip will be approximately 3,000, although each month as I continue their are expenses. I ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with me. If you feel led to do so please email me at If you would like to make a one time donation you can do so on my lovescalling page.

Thank you so much and God bless!

Thank you and much love, Schyler


A little background:

I was raised in a way that "you can believe whatever you want." I became an atheist because I believed if there was a God- He wouldn't allow all the bad stuff in my life to have happened. I was living a very bad lifestyle. Drugs, every kind of immorality, I landed myself homeless, and everything else that follows with that lifestyle. On May 27th, 2015 I was saved after a very eye opening experience. Since then my life has been absolutely transformed. I have been changed forever and I want to live my life for Him. January of 2016 I was told about YWAM and I knew that's exactly what I was to do. I prayed and prayed about when and where and which school I was to do and a year and a half later He has brought me to the Human Trafficking and Prostitution DTS in Perth.

YWAM Perth Australia


Working toward the prevention, release and care of those enslaved

Human trafficking is one of the largest growing criminal industries, and is present in every nation in the world. According the Global Slavery Index, it is estimated there are 45.8 million people in slavery. We have confidence that we can see that number greatly reduced in this generation by being committed to seeing rescue and restoration of the individual. This commitment comes from the deep belief that every individual has great value and worth given by God, which makes them priceless. 

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About the Trip

Location: Perth, Australia
Length: 5 months
Budget: $10,635

  • Airfare to Perth is $1,500 each way
  • Lecture phase $2,755
  • Outreach $4,230
  • Passport $170
  • Visa and International health insurance $650
  • Already has:  $3,135

Needs to raise: $3,500

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