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So, if you've been dying to know more about how this decision came about here is a concise, as concise as my rambling can manage, story of how we came to be moving to Massachusetts for seminary.
The idea of going to seminary was first put into my head from a friend in college that, funnily enough, thought that I was a really good listener and advice giver. It was quickly dismissed because honestly at that stage of my life I barely knew God and had no idea what he intended for my life.
Fast forward about three years to when I met Sarah and very shortly afterwards my relationship with Jesus changed radically. It wasn't much later that I said to Sarah, "I want to go to seminary!" picture me dancing and getting overly excited. Sarah being the anchor out of the clouds said "Why?". I think now looking back I probably should have given the selfish reason, that I just wanted to know God better and being a man of extremes that meant enrolling in God school. Instead I just honestly said "I don't know I just feel like that is what I should do next." and shrugged my shoulders.
This led to a time of figuring out what discernment was, what exactly a "call" is, what my gifts are and who God was desiring me to be. This process took over three years and has led to huge amounts of joy and sadness. During this time I worked as a warehouse manager for a company was based on a plan of reaping profits and running workers ragged before firing them in most cases just because they couldn't cope with the lack of respect for humanity anymore. (A whole different post called please for the love of God don't work for Capital Books and Wellness could be inserted here). I felt like God was hardening my heart but now what I really think was happening was I was given some time to be introspective and read a lot about the topics in the first sentence here.
During this time I also volunteered with youth at First Presbyterian in Grand Junction and volunteered for one year with Young Life. This time really cemented a vision of the work I really want to do and feel led to do for God's Kingdom. I want to be a hand in the healing of youth and young families in the area. The great thing about this desire is that I know I have no power whatsoever to heal the amount of brokenness I've seen while living here. However, I do believe God wants me to get equipped and from when the idea first came in my head to today I have received so much beautiful affirmation that God wants me to be equipped in counseling. (Insert Sarah saying I told you so here).
Some big things that happened in the past three years that led us to here:
  • Working with youth both in church and with Young Life is probably one of the biggest factors that have opened my heart up to family brokenness and strife.
  • The doula who told me I sounded much more like a counselor than a warehouse manager.
  • Jan and  Steve Gammill giving me a chance to pick from their selection of books because they heard I was interested in seminary. I took almost their entire collection!
  • Having seminary friends and family, especially Karen Jensen and Rachel Toone who helped me to pick Gordon-Conwell. (Its proximity to Boston had nothing to do with it...)
  • Lastly and most importantly, Sarah who gave a firm no to seminary for three years which gave me the chance to figure out the why. I am so glad she held her ground until moved by God to say yes at exactly the right time.
This journey has been an amazing one and it is because of you and others like you that we have come this far and for that we want to thank you. Leaving Florida was hard, leaving Grand Junction will be even harder but what we've never wanted to do is leave the people that have touched our lives.
If you have questions or just want to know more I would love to meet up or correspond via email and continue this conversation.
The Saturnos


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